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Disturber: ??? 1) Why won't "attacking Republicans" (the least popular political party by a wide margin) and "attacking Congress" (whose approval rating is dangerously close to single-digit territory) work? We're in the middle of an economic crapstorm, and Obama isn't going to win by telling Americans that it's sunny outside. No, the best strategy is to make sure more crap falls on his opponents than on him. 2) The idea that Obama is some radical leftist, or that he is held captive by the left wing of his political party, is simply absurd. I know, you'd get that impression if you watched Faux News, but it defies reality. His health care reform bill was patterned on RomneyCare, which was basically the Republican answer to Bill Clinton's health care reform bill. There has not been a major expansion of the federal government as measured by GDP or by government workforce. Most of the (pathetically small) stimulus bill came in the forms of tax cuts and grants to states (which have been slashing their own budgets like mad). In the war on terror, he has essentially left Bush-era policies intact. In the war on the environment, he has expanded offshore oil drilling, delayed the EPA's new smog regulations, and is set to approve a massive pipeline from Alberta's tar sands to the Gulf. Obama takes great pride in standing up to the left wing of his own party, and the Democrats as a whole have been slouching rightward ever since Reagan got elected. 3) We are not a center-right nation. Judging by polling, we are a center-left nation with a center-right political class and far-right business elites. For example, the health care reform bill hasn't quite gained plurality support (39% approve, 44% disapprove), but a full third of that disapproval comes from people who wish the bill was further to the left. Americans in overwhelming numbers think the rich aren't paying their fair share of the tax bill, and the only area of government spending that a majority of people want to cut is foreign aid. If Obama loses, it will be because of the poor economy, full stop. I blame that poor economy on Republican stonewalling and Obama's capitulation. He's spent far too long treating the Republican party -- whose only goal is to stop him from getting re-elected -- as though they were serious partners who want what's best for the country.
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Sep 12, 2011