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Sorry to all the ladies here who got puppps. I too am a victim of this horrible horrible rash. I can most relate to the above story from "YEN" I had high blood pressure,and I begged the doctor to induce me ASAP.. It started at about 36 weeks and I asked my mom if my stretch marks were suppose to be itching this much and she said yes at first until she saw me in action (like a dog scratching flees) I went in for an appt at 3pm at 39 weeks for the doctor to look at it and she told me to come back and she would induced me that night at 6pm. The night after I had her was probably the worst night I ever felt, I just started scratching uncontrollably in the hospital bed with my baby by my side in her little bed, unable to breastfed her.(saddest moment ever, having my bf give her formula) My boyfriend DID NOT understand and was very unhelpful, and didn't understand how serious it was. I just cried all the time and stood in the shower for 45+ minutes at at a time. I tried EVERYTHING I could, oatmeal baths, steroids oral and creams, benadryl, calamine lotion, regular lotion, cold packs, EVERYTHING, and NOTHING HELPED!! I am seeing a dermatologist and she is doing NOTHING for me but prescribing me steroids and lotions and creams that dont help.(thank god I am on my moms insurance and its only costing me 10 a prescription, but I think ive spent about 60/70 dollars out of pocket on a lot of stuff that didn't work and I still have full bottles and containers of) My Daughter (yes im having a girl not a boy) Is 3 weeks and I am still itching, not as bad as before but never the less I am damaging my skin, by scratching so much. When will it go away IDK, but I am terrified to have another child again especially if its a boy, my daughter is as beautiful as can be BUT if I got pregnant again I wouldn't be able to function well enough to take care of myself, much less a newborn. I hope they find a cure, because they say its not affective to the mother or child but I have spots on my body from scratching and I was very stressed which in turned stressed my baby and my family around me because I was so miserable. It was EVERYWHERE... from my hands, to my ankles, back, legs, arms, breast, stomach, and right under my neck, chest, sides under my arms. EVERYWHERE. (SMH) Too scared to have another baby now, actually make me cry to think about it, and know that other women have to go through this. I currently wear long sleeves and I live in TEXAS... where its 100+ degrees everyday. I have to stay out of the sun and the dermatologist says it will take 3 months or so for the spots to go away. Im glad its August because its starting to cool down, and I can wear pants but again THIS IS TOO HORRIBLE, words cant express how bad it is, you would have to have it to understand, and I dont want anyone to have this!!! Not even my worst enemy. Im more scared of the rash coming back, than actually going through labor, the contractions, and pushing is no match for the itching!! Pushing was the easiest part!!
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Sep 12, 2011