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Anybody, that thinks Miami is ready to compete for titles is crazy. Ten years, of inept recruiting, and it will take four years. to start to get where they want to be. you can bring up, all the past names and there is no semblance, of talent to what they had ten years ago.
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Miami needs, to work on the core the next two years. If they get wins, along way fine.Every position, on the team, needs to be re-evalauted and they need to find an identity, which right now they do not have. Chris Olsen, and Preston Dewey, and go along way to finding that idehey haven't had a great player at the quarterback position since Dorsey. It will all start there.
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I just don't believe, Miami will get hit hard with sanctions It's one man with an axe to grind, and the rest is all media hype. Miami wouldn't be recruiting 4 and 5 star players, if the axe was gonna fall hard. Al Golden, is a man of integrity, and he is getting great players to come there. They are just very young across the boards. They signed, the number one corner in the country Tracy Howard, the number four safety Deon Bush. They are just not ready this year.
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Miami used to go eight deep, at Defensive line and they all could play. That's when they won National titles. That's what the NY Giants have done the last number of years. This recruiting year, is critical to sign Defensive tackles.
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I would like to see Miami experiment, this year at the quarterback position. They need to see what they have in Ryan Williams, and Preston Dewey. There not winning anything this year. It's time to see what skills the younger players have. Miami is still two years away. Fans need patience, to build a long term winner.
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It took Butch Davis,four years to turn around Miami, and it will take Golden the same. By the fourth season, I think you'll see major improvement. But they are two young all positions. The Defensive line, is the number area the need to rebuild through recruiting. But that will take two more recruiting classes.
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Oct 27, 2011