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Hey Ha - if Kuokoa does manage to get enough capital raised to pull a google purchase on HEI, then kuokoa somehow installs all new renewable energy generators running on some miracle of a wiz-bang energy source, then who will pay back that HUGE investment? Thas rite - all the former HEI ratepayers who will now be paying twice as much as before. Oh wait one - I forgot, yuse guys want to do geothermal for the entire state and run calbes interisland (just like dat windy one) and expect the now bankrupt former ratepayers of HEI to pay for that one too? And U neva even run one generator anyplace in the world yet. How U gonna do dat? You not being swqaure with the rubba slippa folks Mr. Ha. Maybe too much geothermal fumes in the blue pool in iceland???
Toggle Commented Aug 17, 2011 on Iceland, In Conclusion at Ha Ha Ha!
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Aug 16, 2011