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Thank you Will this is the type of writing that got me addicted to your blog. My earliest memory is going to Disney World when I was five or six and being to scared to ride the submarine ride and then having my ice cream at least to me at the time magically turn into a brownie while I was using the restroom (or potty at the time). As an adult I know more than likely either my mom dropped it or it melted and she ordered a brownie for me to prevent 5/6 year old melt down because we just got our food right before I had to go and it took a while.
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I contacted my senators and my rep.
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Thank you I enjoyed meeting you this morning. I kind of froze a bit but you were great. One question who was the guy that (unless I misread the situation) that was bugging you when the line was let in? I was about the fifth person in line and as I was coming up he butted in again and tried to shake your hand you were great though and did an elbow bump with him.
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