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The number one biggest concern I have reading your description of this is when you say the word 'etcetera' in this sentence: "retrieves the user's standard information fields like name, email address, ***etcetera*** from some form of secure https cloud storage". Sites are all the time asking for information I may or may not be willing to give. Especially when I'm trying something out. So maybe I start with a mailinator address and a fake birthday, and then based on the usefulness I'll sign up for a real account. But even then, there's not much chance I'm giving my real phone number. I don't want any sort of automatic data pull happening from some cloud storage. I have to control what data I share, 100%. I remember reading an article by Doc Searls back in 2005 where he completely missed the same point: Identity information is essential... valid demographics are often optional. If the system doesn't allow me to remain semi-anonymous, fake data, or outright lie when I'm asked for information that I don't want to give, the system won't gain acceptance. Identity and demographics are different and have to remain so for any system like this to work.
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Sep 6, 2011