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Rangers Game Postponed. No excuses now but it will probably still be a small crowd.
Only problem is if Portland gets in they would have to win in the wildcard round to get a home game and that is not likely to happen with either playing FCD or RSL. So having an amazing atmosphere at games would not play a role.
Not sure how the Mid American Conference tournament works but UA's last game is the 6th. He could fly over for the start of camp(7th) and come back to coach the tournament on Friday(11th). Giving him about 4 days with the team as they get started and then work with Tab and Jurgen for the rest of the time.
+1 although I really do not care who LA has to play. Just would like to see NYRB not back into playoffs.
Who are your top five CB's in MLS? I would have him at 2-3 that are American and it is not that he is off the radar of JK but that JK is not bringing in players that he does not see as the top 2-3 American at each position. JK made that statement during the last camp about John and Gonzales.
Toggle Commented Oct 20, 2011 on Report: Everton, Wigan eyeing John at Soccer By Ives
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Oct 20, 2011