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Just finished watching Tabletop, popped over to the facebook and it informed me that you had tweeted a new blog post. I'm entirely too connected to the internet or something. Anyway, as 'connected' as I am...I'm more of a casual user of tech. I enjoy what others produce but have limited or minimal practical application skills to pass on...sorry I can't offer advice or help. :( I wish you the best in your meta-transmorgifications of the exile to least that's what I think is going on....not sure. Tech is hard! I think its hard cause its second cousin to Math!
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Bites about the firefox. I'm a chromehead myself. ;) Best luck with the audition and any callbacks. fingers/toes crossed! :)
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Reading through the comments gave me a great idea to give to you TrollDad.... one of those annoying singing cards that let you tape a personal message...only it must of course not be a personal message, rather it must be a Rick Roll. And it should be placed under or inside the pillowcase so that when head hits pillow it activates it! :)muuuuuhahahaha
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I'm not huge on christmas...actually was going to start celebrating Festivus this year :) Got the pole and the list of grievances, but this aww, this moment made me smile. Thanks for sharing it. :)
Toggle Commented Dec 20, 2011 on it's a festivus miracle at WWdN: In Exile
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The Creepy Candy Coating to love the names of the episodes on The Big Bang Theory. I'm in the midst of watching all the episodes in order, without "cheating" and finding answers to my questions via wiki/google. So anyway, the aforementioned episode is whence I first saw your character on TBBT. :) So many references make sense having seen that ep. even if you weren't on screen that the dead meemaw card. lol. Can't wait to see what season/episode you next appear. Thanks for being you and keeping me amused and delighted with your talents :)
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Hi Wil, I didn't watch it live cause that site isn't on my to do list, especially since my cousin introduced me to the game that is sucking my life away in such a happy manner (Star Trek Online-ftw!) That said, I did come to your blog cause its on my every other day- to do list. I have two things to say, 1) I had never seen the Big Bang Theory, never really heard of it until you mentioned it a while back. When I was bored one day a rerun was on and I watched it. I laughed myself silly and asked myself why was I not dedicated and watching this show? So now am watching every episode in order and am eagerly awaiting the episode when your character first appears, no spoilers about when that was. :P 2) About your 'stupid' videos, I love them. I'm very easy to amuse and so generally I'm happy even if it is just a tour of a messy closet. Did have one comment, about the food for poor kitty being so close to the box...would you want to eat in the bathroom? bleck. Not gonna get all naggy or over dramatic...but just bleck. Back to the rest of the video...I enjoyed it. Would I love to see videos of backstage stuff? Ummm yeah, who wouldn't! I am most of the time unable to travel and so live a fuller experience by watching videos of those whom do travel. Never have been to one of your live performances but have seen much via youtube and your blog. :) How much financial support overtime you can expect from your viewers and/or fans is another topic. Some will be willing to donate each time, some will one time then forget, and others would love to be able to support but are currently unable to. I would enjoy seeing more videos from you in this format or via Youtube, really whatever you want to post is good...even the silly/stupid stuff. Wish you the best in your future endeavors and once again I go back to lurker land, my fav place to be :) Heather
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Dec 2, 2011