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I find no evidence whatsoever of all this talk of how "smart", how "brilliant" Obama is. All I've ever seen or herd from him is middlebrow mediocrity, petit bourgeois pablum. I think the thing that tipped me off to what a prefabricated product he is was a list he released of his "favorite songs". Utterly conventional, a half-hour's programming for a Clear Channel "adult contemporary" station. So when I hear people swooning about all his supposed 11th dimensional chess, I think, does he even know how to castle queen-side?
"Make no mistake." Bleaaaauuurrrgghh.
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It isn't necessarily intuitive, but it's more important and effective to move your debt out of the banks than your cash. Here's how it works from an accounting/finance POV: Cash on deposit at a bank or credit union is a liability to them. Holding your mortgage or credit card debt is what shows up as an asset on their balance sheets. Refinance your mortgage with a credit union, and take assets away from the bank and into the credit union. Besides, most people who own a house have a mortgage debt that is many times the size of their bank accounts, moving that is the biggest impact they can have on the operations of the finance system.
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Nov 6, 2011