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Thanks for this, a beautiful piece of writing. Brought a wave of summer heat past to me, feeling a little chilly down here in Australian winter. Despite being half a world away I have many similar memories of long long summers. I hope my children will also have this. PS going OT for a second, just showed my 2.5 year old your Mars Curiosity NASA info clip, his summary? "spaceship blastoffs into space- whoosh! -lands on mars, then roll, roll, roll robot!" he was very impressed and so was I with your and NASAs science communication. If you can get it through to a 2.5 year old you have done an awesome job!:)
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2012 on Summer memories never fade away at WWdN: In Exile
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PS LOVED Tabletop, we are all inspired about our games again- but why, why, why can I never beat my husband at Ticket to Ride???
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Yay! Yay! Yay! Can't wait to see you at the MSO concert (Thurs one). I'm hopping on a plane from Perth (Western Australia) to get there, so my flight is 4 hrs (I feel 1/4 of your pain I guess:)) I'm originally from Melbourne and love the place. Has some of the best coffee in the world (yes I'm trying to start an international incident by saying that) and brilliant food. Also, there are some amazing microbreweries that you may want to check out. Victoria is a big place for the beer- and yes a quick search revealed this just about the microbreweries-'%20guide%20low.pdf Stupid long link but give you an idea of the stuff you can check out even just in Melbourne city. Awesome- have to say the Mountain Goat is one of my faves. Also will put in a shoutout for Little Creatures beer- from WA as it is yummm!!! If you have a chance to get out of the city I would head down the Great Ocean Road- one of the best drives in the world- but you will have to drive on the left- a challenge we set up just to mess with you guys;) Also just another southern hemisphere messing with you thing- we are working our way into winter here so just as you were smiling at summer coming your way- Melbourne may just turn on the cold for you- sorry! OK will stop now- just a final query- would love to add to your dice collection but can't make it to SupaNova (have to fly home- leaving my 2 year old for the first weekend ever- eep!) any chance of a meet/greet at the MSO? Have a great flight- find your zone, drink water, and think about how pleased we will all be to see you. Cheers!
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Love it! Made a very tired person (child care and grant writing what a combination!) grin. I think that this link needs to be shared with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra so they can see what an opportunity they have to perform such a talent when you are here in April... Ever thought about singing with a 60 piece band? Awesome. tee hee. Also awesome? I have my plane ticket to Melbourne and my ticket to the concert.. weeeeee!!
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Thanks Wil, Its April 11, 12th next year according to the MSO web site. I was just after some confirmation from your end that barring asteroid strike, you were planning on coming over:) Cheers.
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Hi Wil, somewhat off topic again I'm afraid, and I also know you promised more details in the mysterious future, but it is going to be upon us soon (the future is now?) I'm talking about a trip you may or may not be making to the Southern Hemisphere next year. Could you possibly give us some confirmation about your trip to Melbourne? I'm in Oz, but in Perth (4hr flight away) and as concert tickets are now on sale I need to start organising flights and baby sitters for dog, husband and 2 year old son if I'm going to come over. Thank you!
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Nov 9, 2011