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I think the biggest change is just we hear about everything on the news! We know about every kid that goes missing for more than 5 minutes. We hear about every child that gets seriously injured doing x, y or z. Schools don't want serious injuries on the playground, it's partially about the kids but its also about the international (internet), social media attention that immediately follows it. They don't want that much attention. We have stats now on every kid that breaks a bone doing anything, every kid that gets a concussion doing anything, etc, etc etc As long as that's the case we're going to continue to wrap ourselves in bubble wrap to try to protect ourselves from all this "bad stuff", not to mention all the negative press that goes with it. Adults are just as bad, we may not have playgrounds anymore but we have lots of other things like hepa filters, hand sanitizers, natural cleaning products, sterile (perfectly clean, 100% filtered air) environments. Why? Because we hear about every person with a severe allergy, every person that's ever had a reaction to a standard, store bought cleaning product, every person that carries an epi pen for some life threatening allergy. Again, until we stop wrapping ourselves in bubble wrap and listening to everything we see and hear on the news, this will continue and probably get worse.!
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Nov 16, 2011