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Here we go again with the toughness question! They have toughness on this current roster, it would be nice to start playing harder. Start playing up and beyond your competition instead below. Start boxing out for rebounds, stop holding the ball for 10 sec and etc.
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Because Danny knew he wouldn't be able to re-sign Perk after the 2011 season. And that he put all his faith into Shaq and Green.
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why would u put KG and Cousins in the same sentence? That's a insult to KG.
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It could be race or not. Scal is a scrub that is why fans in Boston and Chi cArry on that why. Boston and Chicago fans don't react like that towards Sasha, Greg Stesisma, Omer Asik and Kyle Korver.
1 reply That's B.S. not to be disrespectful, but Perkins presence would not of made a difference. When Perkins played with the Celtics, he never closed out games with the starting five, instead it was Big Baby. Depth had nothing to do with their lose to NYK. They have depth, new depth that must get familiar with each other. It was poor execution by Daniels, Ray ,KG and the help of Joey Crawford.
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Dec 26, 2011