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Jose Lopez
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@Fercho99 and those who bashing Jeff, Stop with the native American b/s, if you learn your history correctly you would know what the trail of tears and the wars on Indians resulted in. The pilgrims or illegals in your eyes beat the native inhibitors(MEANING THEY BEAT THOSE INDIANS FOR THE LAND). Every country had to fight off intruders and if the intruder wins then they are the new citizens.If you're not wise enough to see the lesson learned by those generations you failed history in school. Americans know that the illegals will take over if we open our hands and give them what they want. First they should be grateful we don't put them in jail or execute them for breaking our laws (parents or kids) get over it. Kids of bank robbers and murders etc don't get anything other than being branded by association. Illegals need to be deported with their kids(regardless if they are citizens, those kids will have that opportunity to pledge to America when they are of legal age to reapply for citizenship. Get over the so called hardships they go through, look at the homeless Americans in your neighborhood that could use a degree, job, or dorm housing. Americans are starving just like Africa, you just see the 1percent who abuse their privileged lives. Be grateful, because you will see why many of these illegals came here when WW3 comes.
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Jan 3, 2012