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Actually, Bruce the official terminology is Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV). You can look that up if you want to verify. And to be clear, it is an electric vehicle. At all times the electric drive powers the wheels. Factually, that's an electric vehicle. It's not all electric though as it has a generator. Just like electric trains and other PHEVs coming soon to market. That being said, the range isn't hot and it won't be hot on these types of cars for a couple of years. However, the added security of having the gasoline generator to extend the range makes it solid choice for those who don't want to be tethered. Agreed though that the range factors have been messy. It's going to be like that though as the mileage experience varies greatly with use. Volt owners, depending upon weather conditions, efficiency of driving, and all that good stuff, report ranges weekly of anywhere from 50 to 200 mpg. The EPA fixed their calculation method and came up with a combined average of 90-95 for the average user. Many have found this indeed to be the average. I'd encourage people to look into the reasons behind the confusion, not just Bruce here, but anyone as they consider the issues at hand. Well, most early-adopters do their homework though and that's why I felt it was necessary to post up this comment to clarify from what I read as it only adds to the confusion.
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Jan 3, 2012