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I know, I know what most of you gonna say - it's business right and obviously it's not all about 18 this year, it's nearly imposible so it might be tempting for Ainge to do this. But remeber two things 1. Paul is a sibol of Celtics and you don't just get rid of your symbol like that and 2. Ainge's already said once that he traded players for the sake of the future and we all know what we've got in return so he's gotta watch out with big, risky moves even looking at the 4-8 start this year.
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I agree it was ugly. But it's not like they're done. They look pretty good on D, KG looks pretty good on def. end but offensivly he's scary. As being said on RedsArmy he's got only one post up move and that's it. Paul's gotta' find the groove and I'm pretty sure he'll find it. And Ray, don't cross out Ray. Couple days ago (even after loss to Indiana) you were all excited about the way he's been dealin' with Fater Time. And now all the sudden after one bad game you started to yammer at him sayin' he's done. He's still a leading scorer remember that. Of course I don't have any delusions, this is not a championship caliber team the playoffs gonna be hard but maybe, maybe there's gonna be a pleasant surprise, one last run for the weterans. It's still too erly to say. We can say about many things after game like this but as Doc once said on T/O: 'Rebound the ball!" They gotta Rebound the ball way better on defense (from the stat sheet OREB. Bos. 2, Mavs. 12!) and on offense too. What I'm gonna say right now it's obvious but still, we miss the presence of Perk in the paint, we miss it badly but it's only one factor out of many in terms of rebounding.
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Jan 12, 2012