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A bit off topic here, but am I the only one who misses physical buttons? You know, the kind that you can actually sense with your fingers, and that move when you press them? Why the hell is everyone switching to this capacitive crap? (I know the one button in question is physical, but the ones in the Android/WP photo aren't, thus the question) For example, my phone has 4 capacitive "buttons" on the bottom, and I sometimes "press" them while trying to tap something at the bottom of the screen. That sucks. But what sucks more is trying to switch my monitor on in the dark. That bitch has a single little point on a completely flat panel that you have to actually tap (just moving over it doesn't work). Hell, it's hard to hit it even in the daylight. So, could anyone explain me, why the hell? Is it all about 'prettiness', or is it really so much cheaper? (would be a stupid reason for a $500 device)
Toggle Commented Feb 2, 2012 on The One Button Mystique at Coding Horror
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Feb 1, 2012