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my thoughts on the game. i won't try to pretend that i know much but here are my observations.... 1. johnson, given time, might make the lb position his for years to come. if brek (who i thought showed signs of brilliance but also demonstrated how raw he is) and johnson are on the left, watch out. whoever scouted and recruited johnson deserves a medal or something 2. does anyone at this point doubt the quality of michael bradley? he had a monster game. he read the game well and he really owned his role. 3. i don't care what anyone says. senor pirlo is one of the best of his generation. i felt that in the first half we had no answer for him. we let him sit back and do what he does best...distribute balls where they must go. 4. mo edu stepped up in the second half. in the first half i feel the person named in number three had too much room to do his business. i think mo and bradley work... 5. imagine a world where landon takes william's spot and stu takes mo's spot....
Toggle Commented Feb 29, 2012 on USA beats Italy for first time at Soccer By Ives
get that squirrel out of your shirt...then we'll talk
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Feb 6, 2012