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Rick Scott is far from the best Governor Florida ever had. But, Charlie Crist is such a clown. I can't believe Democrats just handed this guy the nomination without even letting him debate Nan Rich. He is a pandering fool who will say anything to get elected. He is gross. He's the poster child for sleazy politicians. What has happened to the Democratic Party? What happened to the party of JFK and FDR, and even Bill Clinton? Where did those principles go? Ever since Obama took over, the Democrats have been driving this country off the cliff and racing toward socialism. I can't vote for any of them anymore.
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A Romney/Rubio ticket would be awesome...
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If Republicans nominate Santorum because of his social conservatism, they will lose. Independents want the economy fixed. That's the priority. Romney best represents that need, not Santorum. If Santorum becomes the nominee, the debate will be more about social issues and less about the economy.
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Feb 12, 2012