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Wow. This is such a great article, with amazing and accurate insight. I normally feel critically articles are shallow opinions, but I think this one hit the BullsEye-- There can't be two "underdogs" on opposite sides. And if you have to chose one side for the audience to connect to, it should be the one that's most relatable, the one that's most like them: Poor, struggling, trying to achieve their dreams; Not wealthy, comfortable, with much success behind them, and such a blaise attitude about how lucky they are, that they throw it all away on a whim ( Julia's marriage, etc. ). No one wants to be reminded of how easy rich people have it, and how little gratitude they have for it. No one wants to see employees treated like servants, or the lives of Broadway hopefuls toyed with like a dead mouse. I'm grateful that you wrote this aritcle, grateful that Variety published it, and hopes that someone who pulls the strings takes a moment to Really LISTEN. -Eva Bodine
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Feb 21, 2012