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I am in the search engine optimization industry and I can tell you Google is pushing Google+ and it won't stop. They aren't doing it because they think they are good at social - even they admit the are not good at social. They are pushing it so they can serve search results based on your G+ activity, location, etc. If you are signed in to G+ they not only use your existing location to serve results, but the location you have indicated in your G+ account, AND the activity you have engaged in while logged in (liking YouTube videos, etc.). G+ is also a heavily weighted part of content authorship. So Wil, let's say you connect your site to your G+ page by adding the rel=author tag to your pages, your content can actually rank better because you gave in to the G. Doesn't have to be in terms of G+ -- but people are seeing better rankings that way. It's sad to me, as much as my industry "depends" on Google in many ways, the decisions being made are truly going against "don't be evil" and definitely make me think of you saying, "Google, Don't be a Dick!" ;)
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I have the SAME problem - not just w/Daylight Savings, but with the whole, "Mess with me the first hour and I'm screwed" thing. That happened to me 2 nights ago. I was watching TNG, which is my late-night go-to show, and I had the TV on sleep timer. Now my husband is the "cat" in this scenario. He comes in - practically ripping the door off the hinges for some unknown reason. I mentally added WD-40 to my shopping list at that moment. Then I tried to not bitch him out about it, so I can still be in "cool wife" territory. But then... he assumed I was asleep and turned off my perfectly timed sleepy TV plan. Aaaand I was up and pissed. Poor hubby... I wasn't "cool wife" at that moment.
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Reminds me of "Small Wonder" lol V.I.C.K.I. Love this Wil.
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Mar 16, 2012