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Feztacular, Chad. Games Students got it going on.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2012 on Greetings from Australia! at WWdN: In Exile
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Glad to hear you're enjoying your Melbourne time! If you're wanting a peaceful and quiet morning, I'd reccommend going to Studley Park boathouse and bringing a loaf of bread for the ducks. Beautiful old restored boathouse, with some real vintage arcade games hidden away-- the mechanical kind that use no power, only pennies. Back when Australia had pennies, which is long before any Atari. You'll feel like you're miles away from any worry -- and it's close to the city, too! Essentially a relaxing low-brow spot to wind down and they serve an amasing breakfast. And in the day, you could always drop in on the Games Design students at RMIT on Swanston St. Being one of them, I know those who were too poor to get to Supanova would shit themselves. Thursday all the third years are polishing their presentations for their year long games, so it'll be a hive of activity with some (hopefully) flashy student works. The Exertion Lab is worth a look too, brainchild of Florian Mueller, trying his best to get some kooky games that use physical exertion out into the world. Some of their projects include such things as the Joggobot And it's the favoured haunt of honors students and their own projects like Once Upon a Spacetime by Digitalis, which recently received Honorable mention for the Independant Games Festival in San Francisco. There's a large group of us who will be heading out to see you host the Video Games Unplugged later in the evening, and we'll be hanging around all day waiting, wishing and re-rigging our models. (Working hard, too -- we SWEAR!) All the games rooms are a pretty casual scene, people come and go as they please working on projects, so feel free to drop in if you want to chat to a few locals and spy at the goings on of RMIT. The Games Labs are in Building 14, level 11 on Swanston St, between the city baths and Melbourne Central station. The Exertion lab is in Bowen lane behind building 14, in building 9, level 1, room 27.
Toggle Commented Apr 11, 2012 on Greetings from Australia! at WWdN: In Exile
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Apr 11, 2012