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This is an excellent post. There is so much hype by many media outlets about how the weather is so much worse than in years past. My Mother is 92 years old and she can vividly remember weather just like this, and can sometimes remember the year. Even though she was small she can remember the tornado that killed a cousin in Alabama in 1929. When we talk about the tornadoes from 2011 and now 2012, she talks about 1942 in Alabama. She will say "This is just like the weather in 1942, and your Dad and I had only been married a year." The media fails to compare the past to the present, but instead blames the present on "climate change." The blaming on climate change is killing our wallets. The government is in my bathroom, restricting the water from my shower, and restricting how much water I can use to flush my commode. Sometimes I have to shower twice, and lord help me if I get something on me that must be washed off quickly, there is not enough flow! The FDA has taken away my inhalers that worked for my asthma, by taking away the propellant that moved the medication to my lungs. Now I am forced to either go to the ER for a $500 visit or use a nebulizer with more expensive medication for severe attacks. My asthma is not caused by "climate change" either. It is documented in my family for generations, since before the civil war! Thank you for this most imformative information.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2012 on A Plea to the National Media at WSFA Weather
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Apr 16, 2012