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Angry Egyptian rioters also want to become puppets of the US and be well-paid slaves. Mursi and his fun loving generals are using the cash to stuff their stomachs with forbidden pork, drink booze, snort coke, and chase virgins. The rioting will stop when all the sinful pleasures are evenly distributed.
Algerian security agencies will surely get a raise in their budget, and Islamic parasites will also benefit by the latest Jihad. Cops and terrorists both are supported by Western powers, the events in the Algerian oil fields is a demand for bigger donations and they will get it.
Killer drones make our life safer; the many deaths caused by missile strikes make us all sleep better at night. Only the ones on their way to invade our homes are killed, the rest are left alive to milk goats and play their flutes.
Both Hagel and Brennan will keep the fires of fear burning, but they will keep its heat at a level suitable to the wishes of their Commander In Chief. Neither will help create an atmosphere where there is less need for America`s multi- trillion dollar security apparatus, that is not their pay grade. They both will be searching the planet to find those that threaten the tranquility of our peace loving nation. American`s will feel secure in their homes when the two strong men are nominated to guard their gates.
Political and religious beliefs have become secondary to those that understand without the payment of their bills they will become homeless and unwanted by family and friends. But despite this reality an illusion must be maintained that we are of a higher order.
Massive decapitations of minorities will take place if Assad is defeated. The Muslim hand that holds the sword will tire; but modern guillotines will take its place in every town. The holy command to behead infidels will replace the call to prayer.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2013 on Truth Vs Taqiyya at Atlas Shrugs
Federal food distribution centers can replace the food stamp program causing billions in savings. Passing off medical support for seniors to their children will be a necessity, it will cut the national debt in half.
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Multi-cultural leadership is needed, but that is not enough; the ideal leader should also be a Multi-spiritualist and lover of all sizes and shapes. That leader should be able to hold hands with every race, religion, and culture. The recent mass murderers hated Infidels, Apostates, and porn lovers; these Crazies must be identified, searched, and relieved of their weapons.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2012 on "Veteran" Terror at BlackFive
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Apr 16, 2012