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I see Trudy as a Nancy Reaganesque character. Driven, intelligent, political, cunning, etc but knowing in her time and world her success is through her husband. She's not going to be CEO but she's going to make Pete one. The scene we didn't see but I would have liked to, is what Trudy had to say when she sees a bloodied and bruised Pete, and what Pete tells her caused it. When will Trudy realize Pete is mediocre and won't reach the heights she covets? He's made Roger and now Lane an enemy and at best others tolerate him. He's Got Don's flaws but none of his talents, abilities, cunning and saavy. He's awkward where Don is swave. If Don had wanted to seduce the high school girl in the frivers ed calss he would have succeeded. Pete as just awkward. So, will Pete crash and burn this season or will his sheer determination and ego keep him afloat?
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2012 on "Mad Men," Episode 5, "Signal 30" at On The Air
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Apr 16, 2012