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I like your blog in general, but this post was disappointing. First of all, people who actually give a **** about their security will not give their cell phone number to google, and would have nuked their gmail account years ago. Nor will they have a cell phone with a GPS that's constantly broadcasting their location like a little tracking device. Secondly, they'll probably run their own mail server, and have a nice long 20 char password, and some nice strict logging / banning policies. Thirdly, anything they send over the wire that's important will be encrypted. Any of the above would have been boring boilerplate we already knew, but it still would have been better advice to your readers than to hand your cell phone and/or personal details over to Google. Seriously, if having your gmail account compromised would cause you to lose control of your bank account, then your problems are not going to be solved by two-factor authentication. You need to rethink your approach to personal security entirely.
Toggle Commented Apr 18, 2012 on Make Your Email Hacker Proof at Coding Horror
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Apr 17, 2012