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I watched a little bit of the first episode of the first season. I think my biggest takeaway from the show is that I can now see why segregation is prevalent on the East Coast. I just can't imagine most of the characters mixing well with WASPs. It's one thing to read of the cultural differences that make different groups of people incompatible. It's another thing to witness it first hand. These guys are nothing like the Italian Americans where I live who pretty much assimilate and are inconspicuous.
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Yes, and Romney should promise every young person who votes for him a free iPod and iTunes gift card. He would have the youth vote locked down.
I've always thought it would be interesting to produce my own food. But I don't realistically see myself doing much more than planting a small backyard vegetable garden and (possibly) taking up hunting and fishing. Working out in the hot sun all day and performing manual labor doesn't sound appealing at all. On a semi-related note, I'm surprised that farm is hiring US college grads rather than illegals for half the price.
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Unfortunately, I don't think that HBD will ever be consciously accepted. The problem is that too many women and NAMs are taking up the social sciences and receiving master's degrees in education. They'll use their status to twist the research and reject anything that implies that NAMs are mentally incapable. They are truly delusional and more than willing to hold the rest of the society back so that NAMs can catch up.
"Notice something about politicians with prole backgrounds: they're old. You won't see that anymore." I'm not so sure about that. If you look at the Republican Young Guns program, you can see that the GOP is actually pushing to get more proles into office.
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Wow, you all are brave for posting your stats and falling under the scrutinizing eye of HS. Here's one for anyone who cares to answer, if I haven't missed out already. I notice that a lot of politicians have prole-ish or lower-middle class backgrounds. How would you classify someone like Montana senator John Tester? He has a bachelor's in music from a state school and worked as a rancher before entering politics and eventually becoming a Senator. Can an elected official be prole? [HS: I think that's common, because being prole helps them connect with prole voters.]
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I've always wonder why so many poor and lower-middle class parents routinely kick their kids out as soon as possible and force them to "make it on their own." Don't they realize that this puts their kids at a major disadvantage in life? The other parents would never let their child even risk falling below the socio-economic status they were born into.
I have a feeling that Obama is going to win reelection, though I could be wrong. It's hard to get a grip on the electorate these day. It seems that Romney's response to the embassy attacks has hurt him; he really drew a lot of flak for immediately attacking the president. My prediction is that if he overseas chaos gets too much out of control, the media will sweep it under the rug for the sake of the president. As you know, they're all giant liberals and wouldn't want to report on things that would make the president look bad.
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"A good example is Michael Jackson who made sure all 3 of his kids were created using non-black sperm and eggs, while publicly claiming to be the biological father of all 3 and even claiming the youngest had a black mother too." -------- Yes, you can always find a handful of blacks who would erase their features from their offspring. However, I think it's mistaken to confuse the Asian women who might go for IVF with the typical black female. As studies that I don't have the energy to dig up recognize, blacks have the most self-esteem of any racial group in the US while Asians have the lowest. If you just listen to blacks talk, you understand that they just don't seem to recognize that their physical features are bad for a kid. The idea just doesn't compute in their brain. When blacks do recognize that society frowns upon black physical features, they just go into some sort of glorified story of how having black skin will make the kid "strong" and teach him to face "adversity." While whites tend to want to remove barriers for their children, blacks have no problem throwing their kids to the wolves in order to perpetuate the "black struggle." Take the example of Obama's life in Indonesia. People often talk about how he was picked on for his darker skin color by the Indonesian children. However, whenever a black person comments on that story, they will never express the idea that Obama's skin color was a liability. Instead, they'll talk about how being bullied must've taught him to remain calm and collected, as he is now. So while more blacks are open to having mixed babies because they see the value of lighter skin, they just don't generally understand that black traits are undesirable altogether. They're still duped into thinking that they too have desirable genetic traits to offer this pairing. Basically, when you have a group that is this dumb and delusional, the idea that you're ever going to shame them out of existence is unrealistic.
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I agree with your assessment. I feel that I used to achieve more when I was younger and cocky. Now that I'm more realistic about my strengths and weaknesses, I seem to accomplish far less.
I hate to admit it, but I'm afraid to argue with a NAM about anything in public. Not all NAMs, but the one's who have a gangster presentation. Even if I feel that a complaint I might have is justified, it's not worth the possibility of getting stabbed or shot. I'm surprised that we now have to fear young NAM women. Though I don't see as many of them doing irritating things in public as the guys.
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If he just wanted to talk about grades, why would he see a psychiatrist instead of a psychologist? It seems like a waste of resources to have a specialist see James just because he's upset about bad grades. Sure, it could turn out that their relationship was inconsequential. It could even be possible that he was using the visits as part of his plan to plea insanity after the shooting. But it does raise red flags for me that this guy was seeing a psychiatrist prior to the shooting.
Fascinating that you should mention Leprino Foods; my father worked there when I was younger before he changed careers. He was a microbiologist at the time. I'm sure they also hire a bunch of people to move their products around, but they also have a giant laboratory around the Denver area.
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The groupies show that he's not a bad looking guy and that if it weren't for his mental illness, he would have been able to find a girlfriend prior to the shooting. People didn't swoon over the Virginia Tech shooter or Jared Loughner after they committed their shootings. So just shooting a bunch of people doesn't turn a person into a sex symbol.
Neuroscientist debunk idea Colorado suspect was supersmart:
"Categorizing people into rigid classes is ridiculous given the complexity of the human condition." If HS realized this, there would be no purpose for this blog to exist.
"Not everyone is from New York City. Middle class people outside of New York (especially in the pre-tech-boom west) don't think about status at all. Your way of thinking (that college is for status rather than education) is alien to the vast majority of middle class people." I agree. Half the reason I read HS's blog is because his way of viewing the world is so strange, but in an interesting way. I think I would have to commit suicide if I was always thinking about pecking orders. I know a lot of people from affluent backgrounds who could care less about the rat race. Being obsessed with status does seem like an East Coast thing.
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"What's a much more likely explanation is that a midnight showing of the new Batman movie is going to appeal mainly to white people. If he had shot up a midnight showing of a new Tyler Perry movie most of his victims would have been black." Not really. There were a lot of people in the theatre who were black who escaped. I've been to that theatre many times and would be willing to bet that the audience was very diverse, racially. Further, there is a higher number of blacks in Aurora who act white or who don't exactly conform to black culture. I can't think of any activities that people like to do around here that only appeal to one race over another.
"Most racists are also anti-semitic. You can try to rationalize away this reality all you like, but the odds that an HBD-motivated racial cleansing will take place and the jews will be hailed are non-existent." Yep. I remember becoming friends with some prep school kids in college and being surprised by their anti-semitism. I didn't think that anyone under the age of 30 could truly have a problem with Jews. It just seems old fashioned. But I had a friend who told me in a dead serious tone that he wished that Hitler had finished the job and expressed the Sentiment that Jews should be wiped off the face of the Earth. Another friend from a very wealthy family has many anti-Semitic phrases that are a regular part of his vocabulary. In one of the dorms, there was a loose mouse, and a student exclaimed that he'd like to gas that mouse like a Jew. It was definitely the weirdest thing I've ever been exposed to in my life. I can understand why white people wouldn't like nonwhites, because of the differences in appearance. But I don't understand the basis for anti-Semitism, considering that Jews look just like anyone else, but it definitely exists.
1) What I find amazing is that all of his victims are white. If you throw a stone in Aurora, it will probably hit a NAM. Yet this man was in a packed theatre and only picked off the white people. Very strange. 2) The comments about Aurora come from people who obviously don't live here. Aurora is racially diverse, but it is a very large city that stretches aver 154 sq mi. For Colorado, that's a lot of territory. Some parts of the city are rural and have ranches and farms. Other are affluent suburban areas. Other parts are working class. Unlike most cities, we don't really have distinct segregated neighborhoods. There's not really a part of Aurora that you would go to and expect it to be a "white's only" area. The part of Aurora that Holmes lives in is the most problematic area, when it comes to poverty/crime, and it mostly borders Denver. If you look at it on a map, you would see that it is a very tiny chunk of this expansive city. Unfortunately, it is this one area that has often bogged down the reputation of our entire city. In response to this blight, officials were trying to develop that area. One thing they recently did to improve it was construct that medical campus where Holmes was a student. The Anschultz Campus was opened in 2007. Developers thought that such a project would improve the local economy. The whole Colfax area, where this took place, is undergoing a process of gentrification already. So it's kind of funny that our attempt to move smart white people here to lift the local economy and redevelop "Old Aurora," as that area is called, ended up completely devastating our city instead.
Fascinating. Could it be that our killer is Jewish?
I'm from Aurora, and it might comfort you to know that Aurora is filled with NAMs and proles. So most of the people Holmes shot were of no value to you anyways. In this case, rather than the NAM terrorizing an upper-middle class white guy, the reverse took place.
He's attractive and appears that he was somewhat athletic. If I had his body, I would be getting laid left and right. I don't think your assessment is correct. He probably has a mental illness.
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The suspect was a white neurosciences grad student at the University of Colorado. He should like your kind of guy. ;-)
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"This is so bullshit it's not even funny. Just because you're able to sit in a classroom, not work at a job and study useless crap in textbooks nobody reads, doesn't make you a "better quality person". Some of the most arrogant, pretentious weirdos I have ever met were at college. And what values are those? Being a lame ass, consumerist, 10 and 2 driving, middle-class person doesn't mean you're a better quality person." Exactly. Sadly, I've come to realize that all humans are swine, regardless of their socio-economic status.