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How marvellous. Cant wait to read the book. We are so lucky to have here James Ravillious and Chris Chapman. Their images in my view are similar in some ways but subtely different. I always feel that whilst they can both do so many things that Chris has a brilliant way of portraiture of working people so that you feel seeing the image that you can really ‘ see’ them. James Ravillious seems to embed people in their environment in a unique way. Of course they can both do both. To have two such people reporting on a place and with people they know we are twice blessed. However there is one piece of the jigsaw missing in my view. George Tucker mentioned by Chris did much to organise James’s work for the archive. He is a significant talent as a photographer himself. Born and bred in Hatherleigh he brings a different eye ... that of a local to his work. Whereas the other two bring the eye of the incomer. Intensely interested i. Their environment. Perceptive, seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, George on the other hand was born and bred in Hatherleigh. He comes to see this with the eye of someone who has never lived anywhere else.I remember a few years ago going to his house and him showing me some recent i ages of a lady farmer lambing near Hatherleigh. The photos had a wonderful gentle intensity. Wouldnt it be wonderful if George was photographing again. In the meanwhile I look forward immensely to reading this book.
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Hi Mike ..... I haven't gone down the M43 route but this is the first camera to tempt me. I realise after a fruitless affair with an Panasonic LX5 that however able I cant cope without a viewfinder ... and if I have to use a viewfinder then an articulting LCD is vital ... The Olympus looks quite good ... and to be honest a bit weird .... and looks like good High ISO performance, good viewfinder and screen BUT ...... are you sure . I have just upgraded from my lovely clunky old K200D to the K5 .. and I cant believe it!! It is small neat and .... and this is the point ... with a fabulous handgrip ... just for me the best ever .. it almost feels like part of me .... and I just wonder how the OMD will feel in the hand ..... Not a reason to avoid ... but I wonder if in a year or two which of these lovely cameras you are using ..... I think the K5 is just fantastic ..... hope you find the OMD even better .. but somehow I doubt it ..... and you'll miss that 35 Macro ...
Toggle Commented Apr 24, 2012 on Why I'm Buying an OM-D at The Online Photographer
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Apr 24, 2012