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to THE DUDE, Listen fuck face, If you really knew anything about football then you would have known that the reason we don't have any cap space this year is because of all the mistakes that where made on free agency by Parcells,this is the year when we had to pay the piper, next year the team will have over 50 mil available to sign their own free agents, they are building the team through the draft which is the right thing to do...He has done a really good job in the last two years, you sir are a total come mierda and a brain-less moron...Leave Ireland alone.
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I'm glad to see some of you are finally beginning to realize that Ireland was not the problem, parcells is the one that made all those mistakes and Ireland is trying to fix them, in the two years he has gone solo he has done an excellent job, of course most of you have the brains of a fucking baboon and won't understand what I'm saying.
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Hey dick head, who ever you are and all of you mindless baboons that want Ireland fired, I just a have a little message for you all. you can all suck my dick.
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May 1, 2012