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It's too bad that I cannot find a bank that allows me to use pass-phrases of a usable length, much less any consistency between password requirements. Password requirements Wells Fargo 6-14 at least one letter and one number. It cannot contain nine or more numbers. Allows @, %, &, # Chase 7-32 at least one letter and one number Cannot include special characters (&, %, *, etc.) Cannot be the same as any of the last five Passwords you've used Cannot be the same as your User ID American Express 8 - 20 at least one letter and one number Allows %,&,_,?,#,=,- Is not case sensitive!! Pay Pal 8 - 40 includes both capital and lower case letters Not a word you can find in the dictionary Requires at least one 1-9,!,*,_,etc
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May 10, 2012