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I posted this on the Herald's blog and figured I'd bring it here too... I want feedback from real basketball fans and Heat fans as well... I don't get with Spo. I've never seen a situation where the reserve gets more minutes than the starter on a regular basis, until these last 4 games. Now don't get me wrong I'm very much happy to be 4-1 , there are not much to complain about cause we're winning, but I am really really really puzzled about two things. 1. Improving from within- Riley's main reason for not making any moves was because he wanted to see what the kid's could do before the 2010 makeover that's supposed to be forthcoming. Right... (Politcally correct answer, details 2. Who was the 2nd rd. pick and who was the 2nd overall pick? Michael Beasley or Mario Chalmers. I'd think Chalmers was the 2nd pick and Beasley was the 2nd rounder. First of all in order for us as fans and Riley as GM to see what we have with our young talent, I believe they need to play. Now '08 2nd rd pick Chalmers gets his minutes and opportunities to grow, '07 1st rd Cook as well gets his opportunities, but is it me or does '08 1rd #2 pick Beasley not get the same opportunities as the other 2 players mentioned. I know he's the token starter at PF just like he was for last season's first 15 games, so stay tuned...lmfao... But Co-Captain HustleMan is playing 3 mpg, than the player he's backing up, not to mention all 32 of his mins come at his NATURAL PF position, unlike the starting PF who also moonlight's as our back-up SF. It's sad to see that the Heat organization shows him all this support in all the off-court issues, but a reluctance to see them show the same support on the court. Chalmers no matter how up/down or sporadic his play may be gets all the time needed to learn on the job. Sad thing is Beasley's get 28 mpg, but at least 12-15 of those mins he's cast out of position at the top of the key to make way for UD. I know 99% of that is to keep D-Wade satisfied, but when are we going to if ever really see Wade-Beasley combo flourish together. If we ran the same plays for Beasley that gets run for Haslem when he enters the games like the pick'n'rolls, pick'n'pops or give'n'go's Wade so willingly finds Haslem, I'd bet anyone of you Beasley would get going early and often every game. What makes Beasley so special is his ability to beat a slower PF's off the dribble, all that is negated when he's cast at the 3 spot. Unless he can post-up a smaller 3 man, he's at a disadvantage every time he plays the 3. He's too slow defensively to really guard 3's and his quickness advantage that he has over most 4's is non-existent against smaller and quicker 3's. But he's the starting PF tho.... LMFAO at this poorly run coaching staff. I love UD's hustle and grit, but the Heat and Riley are only fooling themselves by force feeding Haslem minutes and not developing Beasley. Next year when Riley remakes this team there's still going to be the same question's about Beasley that we heard this summer. At what cost do you develop your youth and still stay competitive? That's a rhetorical one for the bloggers? I'm glad I didn't re-order my league pass this year. I chose to do what Riley's doing, I'm waiting for 2010. And just to think a week ago I thought Spo really had balls... How stupid do I feel now... LMFAO... Spo's a joke for a coach for the NBA level.
Wade turns over..everyone acknowledges....Beasley turnsover *crickets*...Haslem turns over *pandemonium* It just comes off as let Beasley do well statistically and fukk ALL consequences...even if that's not the intention Posted by: The Watcher ( I see full retards ) | November 04, 2009 at 10:11 PM ------------------------------ Ahhhh, maybe because he's still being spotted minutes like a 2nd year ROOKIE. He wasn't given a chance to play thru many mistakes much of last year and this year it's seems to be the same just as a LMFAO token starter. Haslem is definitely better off the bench for this team. Haslem didn't fare well last year when cast at the 5 alongside Beasley and Beasley doesn't fare to well at the 3 when playing alongside Haslem, but Haslem gotta get his 30 minutes and Beasley's gotta get his 30 minutes. I hate to say it, but the way they're playing Beasley is a joke. He starts and doesn't sniff the court after the 8 min mark of the 4th when we could really use his talents on the floor. I'm just glad the team is winning because as long as they're winning ball games like the old adage says "WINNING CURES ALL", so I won't complain so much about the Beasley/Haslem debacle as long as they keep winning. I just hope D-Wade doesn't have to do the heavy as much... With Arenas giving the business to whomever was guarding him Spo should've went with Wade, Q-Rich, Beasley, Haslem and JO because Chalmers didn't really do anything tonight after the 1st quarter.
D. Wright wasn't even on the active playoff roster in '06 Helium. If my memory serves me correctly and it does D. Wright was one of the first player to run out to Wade after beating Dallas in game 6 IN A SUIT....LMAO
Seriously, I used to have fun blogging on here while the games were going on. But now, the people on this blog ain't even Heat fans anymore...A bunch of negative, insulting, debbie downer comments Posted by: Ohshz | November 04, 2009 at 09:26 PM Sad ain't it. Just can't enjoy watching the team compete. Posted by: GodsSon521 | November 04, 2009 at 09:27 PM -------/----- well, it doesn't have to be that way but a large contigent of fans here are strictly Wade fans like Godson who only care about watching Wade score billions of points because they want to prove that Wade is better than Lebron. Then u have a small contigent of sick people like williepino that view Haslem as the only PF that this franchise needs despite having a young PF who is superior to him now and in the future. Then u have fans like gkall that think Spo is COY when the majority of fans all know he is a piece of sh1t coach and then u have fans like me and Leo that seek a balance between offense and defense and want Wade to simply involve his teammates more instead of strangling the offense and seeing garbage like tonight. Beasley supporters like us just want Wade to form a deadly 1-2 scoring punch we badly need by way of pick and roll/pop but we all know that Beas has no play rub for him, there is either a resentment/rivalry/jealousy or something else in that Wade-Haslem-Beas triangle. The end result: wade fans hate in Beas fans because the only one that can exist is Wade Beas fans hate Haslem because he is in the way of something special forming and then get angry at Wade because he doesn't bond and jell with Beas and only wants Haslem add a stupid coach add an inept PG that gets rewarded for sucking add a role player PF like Haslem that can do no wrong add the fact that they treat was is supposed to be the 2nd franchise player more like a 2nd rd pick afterthought and generally mishandled add the fact that Riley's infatuation. With defense only at the expense of having some semblance of an offense is destroying this franchise add the fact that the rules have been twisted to cater to culture followers over talent and you have a Heat fandom at war each day! add the fact that Wade is the true coach over a puppet coach Posted by: King Riley | November 04, 2009 at 09:43 PM OMG that was amazing. You deserve a reward for that. It explains everything perfectly. I'm done her tonight gentleman you can't top that! Posted by: Ed E Jones | November 04, 2009 at 09:47 PM Posted by: Ed E Jones | November 04, 2009 at 09:48 PM ------------------------------- Best post I've ever read on this blog.... Great win tonight... It feels good to be 4-1. We're beating the teams we're supposed to beat. These W's will pay major dividends later on in the season. I'd like to see more Beasley-Wade 2 man game as well, they had a nice pick'n'roll this game where Beasley finished with a 2-handed dunk, but the W's are more important... Go Heat!!!!
4-1 who would've thunk it....
Great road win against a decent Wizards team, and Arenas is BACKKK!!!!!!
Haslem started the game we were down 20 in, just to let you know. Check the stats.
sorry to bring some reality back this blog but.... That lineup will not last. some said that wade dropped 55 on the knicks and that Beas dropped like 28 or something a career high. but ask yourself. In that game we were getting blown out by the knicks by alot of points. Almost 20 damn near and it wasn't until Galinari busted wade in his mouth and made him "bleed my own blood...." that wade started to go off for like 20 in the fourth quarter. But it should not have been that hard to beat the knicks. Thats because the forwards were going off on our forwards like all stars or something. it's cool that beas can score 20 but giving up 30 in the process negates all of the scoring that we get from Beas...... Just a reality check Posted by: Pay Per View aka Dr. EVIL... | October 28, 2009 at 12:47 PM Wrong game buddy, the game your talking about was on a Wednesday night game Wade finished with 46 and 24 in the 4th quarter. In the game where Wade had 55 and Beasley had 28 we blew the Knicks out that was in April right before the end of the season. Please get your facts right before you start spreading bs and passing it off as truth...
1st I'll go on the record by saying this starting 5 gives the Heat the best opportunity to be as competitive as possible with the current roster. Riley made it clear in Riley's beating around the bs way at last seasons closing remarks to the press, when he said that he envisioned when drafting Beasley that Beasley would be a 30-35 mpg player and would probably lead the NBA in scoring if given the opportunity, with some much needed defensive improvement.(HINT, HINT, HINT...) Now Beasley's summer didn't make it so easy for the team to put it's future in his young hands, but more tough love and major support from Riley for Beasley, helped to get Beasley head on straight. Now as for Spo he's trying to do what Riley's mastered what I call the Art of BSing. Fellow Heat fans and others please tell me you guys see what's going on. Spo's trying very hard to do his best Pat Riley act as possible. Say as much about nothing and then pull the Jedi mind trick on all of us. Riley won't have to comeback this time and coach this time like when SVG was coaching, because he's coaching right now. By that I mean he's physically not on the bench, but he's definitely pulling all the strings. I'm really pumped for the season for sure now. Not expecting a championship parade or nothing, but 50 W's and hosting a 1st rd series isn't too far fetched in thinking. 1-5 of this starting line-up can put the ball in the hole and create offense for others. This starting 5 actually makes the bench make more sense. 2nd unit is very solid now. Arroyo, Cook, JJ, Haslem and Anthony. With Wright, Magloire and Quinn is a contract honestly... 50+W's, if Riley-Spo sticks with this starting 5 barring injuries for the year.... Go Heat!!!!!!
Michael Beasley gets it. I'm glad he finally had a chance to speak about all the speculation that surrounded his interesting offseason, and to be honest it was refreshing to hear his assestment of everything else including basketball. He's really a huge part of this teams future. I remember the day the Heat introduced Beasley, Riley said during the intro "I don't think we'll be going back to the lottery for a long time", Beasley immediately said "No sir, you won't. Then both he and Riles shared a nice laugh, hug and Beasley proceeded on with his welcome to the fans and Heat staff. Beasley will be fine, both on and off the court. That extra 10 lbs of muscle Beasley added will give him that weight needed to bang in the post more and on the glass, too. I'm telling you guys Beasley's gonna be starting at PF opening night. Opening night starters may look something like: JO,Beasley, JJ, Wade and Chalmers with Haslem, Cook, Q-Rich, Wright. I would prefer either Q-Rich or Wright at the SF, but Spo. This is my opinion, if Spo started Beasley last year as a untested rookie along with, but basically over Haslem seeing as Haslem played C, so why wouldn't Spo give a much improved more and confident Beasley the same opportunity? And please don't tell me because we already have a starting PF. No pun intended to Haslem, but he's gotta know Beasley's coming back for that starting spot. Everything else is in place for Beasley, to be stress free and just play basketball. I really like this team although it may not be a serious contender. This team can probably overchieve moreso than last years team. JO, Beasley and Wade is a solid Big 3. If JO could get about 16, 8 n 2(blk), that'd be solid. Beasley around 20, 8 n 3(ast) and of course D-Wade #'s would drop some but it would be better for the overall improvement of th team say about 26, 5 n 8. If we could get that kind of solid production from I'm almost sure we'd be a homecourt seed in playoffs, 3 or 4.
You know something it just hit me. I know who Riley's trying to mold Beasley into... It's a hybrid Anthony Mason 3.0... If we have any "REAL" heat fans, they'll remember that Mason's only Allstar selection was 2000-2001 while playing for Riley. Riley really love Mase in NY with the Knicks. But Beasley's size, weight and style they're both finesse 3-4's, Beasley being a much better shooter than Mase, tho... 40% from 3pt land, that's major for a Pf or any position for that matter. But Mason and Beasley can hit the mid-range J consistently and both can are very crafty at finishing around the rim over big defender's. Mason is definetely the better defender than Beasley is right now, but it's much improved early part of last season, but Beasley gonna really make that giant step all top picks take from year 1 to year 2 and if JO can just get back to being healthy watch out. Then just maybe then D-Wade could get some serious MVP backing this season. A Big 3 of Wade, Beasley and JO is a nice start with Chalmers, Cook, JJ, Q or Haslem being that 4th option on any given night. That's not as bad as Ira always make it seem. Honestly I expect 50+ W's and ECSF visit....(2nd round)
If he killed himself, would he still count against the salary cap ? Posted by: Greg | August 23, 2009 at 09:51 PM ---------------------------------------- Those are the kind of post that make you want to say why do we have freedom of speech. I was raised to never kick a person when their down and if you didn't have anything nice to say about something, it may be better not to say anything at all. I know what Beasley did could've and should've been prevented, but it wasn't. I believe my favorite book has a passage in it that says "Judge not, that ye be not judged." Matt. 7:1 I know this is a basketball blog and I'm not trying to be all spiritual, but you never know what he may be dealing with. Yeah he's rich and the economy's bad right now, but money isn't everything without real happiness. I'm no shrink or nothing like that, but I'm a christian and I would suggest that Michael Beasley establishes or re-establishes his relationship with Jesus Christ and let the chips fall where they may. Meaning if there are any consequence's or repercussions for his action's, he should take them in stride, learn from them and become the best Michael Beasley he can be, not the one everybody thinks he should be. There will ALWAYS be naysayers and trash talkers when someone messes up, but I challenge all the bloggers to honestly stop being so pessimistic about everything that pro athletes or regular everyday people do. We all myself included have problem's, struggles and issues. That's one of the major problem's in today's society no one has any forgiveness or real genuine love for people, we're so quick to point the finger and pass judgement on each other. One more passage from my favorite book. "Brethren, if a man be overtaken in a fault, ye which are spiritual, restore such a one in the spirit of meekness;(this is my favorite part of this passage)considering thyself, lest thou also be tempted." Gal. 6:1 I'm praying Michael Beasley the person and any other person who's dealing with any other kind of issues in the public eye or in the confines of their own privacy. Now back to basketball, he's still better than Haslem and needs to start. His 20 n 8 month of April was a peak into the present future. This team will be better than everyone thinks guaranteed. A healthy JO*, improving Chalmers, Cook, Beasley and BIW. 47-50 Wins for sure. What everyone forgets to mention is all the teams that got better were already better than us anyways, that's what cracks me up the most. Beasley will use this situation to motivate himself to dominate this season and beyond. GO HEAT!!!!! P.S. My favorite book is the BIBLE!!!! LOL...
Riles will stick to his guns and wait. It's no need to make a move, just for the sake of making a change. Honestly, I think the Celtics, Spurs, Lakers, Magic and Hawks are the only teams that really made themselves better with their moves. Clevland panicked with the Shaq deal, I don't think it made them that much better. No way the top the 66 wins from last year. Mostly everyone else moved laterally. All 6 of those teams were already better than us anyways. The Wizards maybe but just to make the playoffs will be a start for them. I like us standing pat and developing the young talent that's here, because in 2010 there will be no time for Cook, Beasley and Chalmers to still be developing like D-Wright is now. This upcoming season will be a test for the kids. D-Wade already knew that plan and still knows that. He won't leave Miami next off season. I think Beasley rookie to sophomore jump will be a lot better than everyone expects. If he starts which I believe he has to for the overall improvement of the team, his #'s will be closer to his rookie of the month in April, while Spo's lovechild was out. 20, 9 n 2... Maybe 18, 8 n 2. Chalmers will be similar to an Andre Miller type of PG with 3pt range. A healthy JO changes everything. If he can be the JO we saw against Atl in the playoffs we will have a solid low-post presence and shot-blocker. I hope Grover can help him get back some of that explosiveness to rebound better. With Wade being the BIW, Beasley starting to come into his own, JO down on the blocks, Chalmers improvement and Cook's overall improvement with his sweet stroke. I think we'll be about a 45-50 win team. Anything Wright, Haslem, Beverly and JJ gives us will be a major bonus. Magloire still being the enforcer every team needs, we'll be alright... Everyone please stop with the dumb trade scenario's. If Riles does anything before training camp maybe AI would give us a vet to push Chalmers to the limit and much needed playmaker and scorer when Wade rests and put some more butts in the triple AAA, but no major moves until maybe the trading deadline to maybe make a little run during the playoffs and then start to build the dynasty in 2010. I'd say we're about 2 pieces away from contending. From 15 wins to 43 that's cool for me. How many teams can say the won a championship and broke up the team and was back being a competitive team all within a year, not many. Look at the T'Wolves, Bucks, Grizz, Clipps to name a few. How long have they been rebuilding. My point exactly... Go Heat!!!!!! 2nd or bust for the D-Wade and the kids!!! GOOD ENOUGH, AIN'T ENOUGH!!!
AI all day.... He gives us everything we really need.... Another scorer and ballhandler and solid defender noy great by no means, but solid or maybe even Ramon Sessions that kids 4REAL!!! You can't fight, if you don't swing a punch... So get off your hands Riles before AI goes over seas.... LMAO....
AI all day.... He gives us everything we really need.... Another scorer and ballhandler and solid defender noy great by no means, but solid or maybe even Ramon Sessions that kids 4REAL!!! You can't fight, if you don't swing a punch... So get off your hands Riles before AI goes over seas.... LMAO....
1ST!!!!!!!! How did I beat all the regular posters.... I read daily, but post rarely..... I really don't think there is much need for change here, other veteran PG help. Beasley, O'Neal and Chalmers and hopefully Wright will provide major boost in tje offensive category than make major changes next year. That's the only plan... I guess....
FT- Billups 3PT- Bryant 1/2- Wade
I'd take Tinsley on a 2 yr bi-annual exception, with the 2nd year being a team option... FO SHO... LO needs to piss or get off the pot. It's really this simple. A) Resign with LA and continue to be the 6th man and contend for championship's RIGHT now or B) Come to Miami and start and continue to rebuild this franchise and contend for championship's in about a year or 2. I'd love for him to be back in Miami. I love his versatility and all but this is getting ridiculous. He hasn't given anyone a clue as to what he may do and Riles and D-Wade are embarrassing themselves and the entire Heat organization. Jerry Buss basically told LO to KISS HIS @$$ and lowered his initial offer still a better than ours, but disrespect to a KEY component to your Championship team. I think only way LO signs with us is if Buss doesn't at least go back to his original offer 3yrs $30 mil or 4yrs $36 mil. This is starting to be a redundant remember that movie that came out in 2007 "The Pursuit of Mo Williams". It played out just like this LO situation is playing out.
you think this is painful waiting for Lamar, wait till we start the Bron Bron sweepstakes...ugh Posted by: 911 was an Inside Job | July 29, 2009 at 09:05 PM _________________________________________________ I was just saying the same thing the other day to one of my cousins...
... but a rookie coach who mismanaged the roster.... Posted by: adrian | July 06, 2009 at 10:27 AM ''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' sounds familiar . . . Posted by: helium | July 06, 2009 at 10:36 AM Exactly! We would need a veteran, smart coach w/ a strong personality to coach that bunch...any ideas? Posted by: YML (Let's Rent Boozer for a Year) | July 06, 2009 at 10:40 AM -------------------------------- The GM and Team President of the Miami Heat himself...... LMAO!!!! Just for laughs!!!!!! Birdman and AI!!!!
AI's not a bad pick-up, considering the Heat's hands are tied financially. I like AI's addition to this team helping Chalmers really develop into a more versatile PG. I love Haslem, but Beasley's a NBA starting PF that can play some SF and honestly I think Haslem's the most tradable piece we have, not named Beasley and yes I do know we have $40+ mil in expirings. I say sign AI to a one year deal full mid-level and try to go after Birdman from Denver for 3yr/$12mil, at least he'll be a back up plan B if JO doesn't stay healthy and we'd already have a starting C if JO's doesn't want to take the huge pay cut he's gonna receive if he stays here and it's only $4 mil against 2010 season's cap. I'll be praying that Wright or JJ finally plays with some consistency to fill the SF spot. Any minor or major tweaks is going to put us further into the luxury tax.
Everyone please settle down with trade him for him and all that stuff. Right now the Heat are in a very good position. With expiring contract's and a young nucleus and enough caproom to sign MJ out of retirement next year if need be. Riley and Wade are both doing and saying the politically correct answers to each other THROUGH THE MEDIA. Both already know and understand that any growth or addition from this team is going to have to come from within the organization. Mainly, Beasley, Chalmers, Cook, JO, JJ and even Wright. Riley knows all along that Wade isn't going to re-sign this summer, but he still has to make an attempt at doing so. Now when Wade declines after July 12, Riley will have to give another answer to the press and so forth with Wade. Basically what I'm saying is Wade is staying put next summer and by the trade deadline Riley will pick up some quality player's for expiring's to make a decent playoff run, all while still leaving enough cap room to add another max contract in 2010 with Wade and Beasley. Wade won't leave because unlike Lebron and many other UFA's in 2010, Riley has already showed him that he can build a championship team around him. The Heat actually are in better shape than I would've ever imagined after 07/08 season 15-67. Unlike Cleveland Riley isn't trying to remake his roster to cater to Wade leaving like Lebron.... Here's a podcast of Wade doing a radio interview while in Chicago last week during his basketball camp answering questions about 2010, Kobe and many other funny topics. The radio host were trying to get Wade to say he was leaving Miami in 2010 to come home and play with Rose and Wade kept laughing at both of them and he said definitively that Miami is his preferred destination for 2010.... So relax it's all part of the script... Do you really think Pat Riley's that dumb? Trust me on this one. Riley's way too smart to be Daniel Snydered or Danny Ferryed... You guys are just downright simple minded at times...
I like Gortat, but we're not spending money for nobody this summer...
dominant not dominate typing too fast... lol
You know what's funny about this whole thing situation is that a simple order from Riley or Spo would change all of this. Spo or Riley says let the kid play and bring the hustle, grit and energy off the bench. The fact that your practically forcing a guy to play out of his natural position to start someone who's clearly not better than he is absurd. What people don't get or haven't totally understood yet is that Haslem's going to start next year at the PF. Why else would there be any real reason to suggest Beasley being a SF, not saying that he can't play the position. Beasley already shown us that with consistent minutes he can be dominate at the PF, but this organization and their pride won't give the kid a real shot to produce at his natural PF spot because of Haslem. Think about that for 1 minute. Udonis is my dude and I love what he does for this team, but that fact that we're even comparing Beasley PF style of play to Melo's SF play is ridiculous. There are similarities in Beasley and Melo's game, but it's clear that Beasley is a PF and Melo's a SF. Can Beasley play SF? Yes, but is his speed and quickness used more effectively against PF's yes. Until Haslem is either traded or summons to the bench this is what we have to look forward to this season. So I've already prepared myself to hear that Beasley after going through the Heat Academy still isn't professional enough to start over the guy who went for a joy ride on D-Wade's back is more ready to start over a 20 n 10 guy. You know how do we get to see if Wright, JJ or whoever else is suppose to produce if they'll be play behind Beasley at the SF, I know Spo will say Beasley needs to improve his defense again now that he's playing against quicker guys and start JJ and Cook and Beasley will be starting games sitting next to Blount until traded and Magloire if resigned..... Simple problem with a simple solution, just needs a definite commitment from the organization. If Beasley is the future moved Haslem to the bench or out the door for PG help. It's really that simple. I really think that's why Riley really wants Wade to extend now so he can trade Haslem and not have to worry about Wade maybe leaving because his buddy got traded.