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GR: Did DeBoer wake up and bench Horton in the third or did something happen to him, if he benched him it is about time. As my wife said, a pee wee team knows that you need to have bodies in the slot to score, we have people in front of the net for the first time in the last 5 minutes and get two goals. As the season is 25% over we are still in 30th place. We were watching JM in his box and you could see a puzzled look, don't know why because after 3 plus years he should realize that these players are what they are. Happy Thanksgiving and lets see if this is really a stepping stone in stealing a point or will it be the same old Panthers this weekend
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The truth comes out, Joe Nieuwendyk has too much class to comment negatively about the Panthers, JM and Alan Cohen. If the rumor is true then the excuse of wanting to spend more time with the family covers up the fact that Nieuwendyk has more confidence in Doug Armstrong than he does in JM. Nieuwendyk will go into the hot bed of hockey and help rebuild a team that will soon pass the Panthers of JM and Savard. Get ready for the lottery in 08-09.
Toggle Commented May 28, 2008 on Caruso In, Cats Down to One at On Frozen Pond
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going with Detroit in 6 and it comes down to the blueline and goaltending. At this time based on experience have to go with Osgood over Fluery. Will be a great series with two teams that love to skate should be wide open with some great hits and great scoring chances
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