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"Today is the only guarantee we can count on." its oh sooo true -- I'm sooo sorry for your loss
Toggle Commented Aug 11, 2011 on for mikey at In Jennie's Kitchen
How about one in the parenting topics... like Late Night Parents ( :)
Love it!!! I'll take 2 :) great april fools joke.
Gotta say once they hit the stores this past summer thats all my kiddo rocked until he grew out of them (they didnt make size 6) so from size 3-5 he was wearing them we actually bought out the union square babies r us of the last of the size 5s. I loved them. they were super cute, looked better under the clothes then typical diaper there was no difference in the quality of the diaper and it was the same price. just my thoughts... and sometimes its easier to take a poppy jean diaper away rather then a mickey or elmo cause toddlers see their friend and grab for them.
Of course I asked for my entire list... I did get one or two things off of it... and I already owned one or two things... :) and the great thing about many of these gifts are they're universal... tech gifts rarely are for just men or women (unless you're talking about a pink/red camera or something) Have fun shopping!
Fighters Uncaged looks awesome - really want to try it out!
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I would use it as a weight lost tool... learn some yoga and play my kid in soccer.
personal highlight for me was meeting you and Beth in person by tweeting the fact I was sitting next to you :) good times
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2010 on Fear and Blogging in Las Vegas at Pet Cobra
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it was great to meet you at blogher! :)
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2010 on Zoinks! and away at Laid-Off Dad
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Aug 13, 2010