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Wil, I want to wish you much success and offer my hopes and prayers for a fantastic performance (break a leg, but not really cause that would be sad) for this show. I am getting the sensation (even waaaay over here) that it will be AWESOME! I just want to know why you keep doing all these shows that are no where near me and/or not going to the shows that ARE? PAX East was in Boston (admittedly a long drive for me near Philly) but you did not show *makes sad face but understands that one*. You keep doing stuff over there on the west coast where you live..... okay wait I get that now. STILL! Come to Philly.... or nearby..... cause you are my hero and I would love to shake your hand (and leave money in it, possibly for stuff and possibly just because) and buy you a meal/drink to thank you for entertaining and inspiring me for all these years. You could also come to Philly and do a show. That would be neat as well. Either way really. So what do you say? Will you be Philly-ish area bound anytime soon? -Dageki
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Mar 24, 2011