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I agree with Bree. Good luck Rick. Its got to be the hardest thing in sports to do to reinvent yourself.
Toggle Commented Aug 9, 2007 on He's back back in the big leagues at Travelerocity
Did anyone else notice the Wichita bullpen had a fire going during the game Sunday night. I could clearly see it under the Subway sign from my seat. And I could smell burning plastic also.
Toggle Commented Aug 6, 2007 on Random thoughts at Travelerocity
Did the value of my wifes autographed Greg Porter game used pink jersey from last year just go up in value?? lmao. But seriously, good luck Greg.
Toggle Commented Jun 26, 2007 on Greg Porter promoted to Triple-A? at Travelerocity
I have personally not liked the organ since Alfreda left. There has not been an organist who could consistantly play the National Anthem without screwing it up. It was great that one game when Mr. Pharris made Tulsa manager Tim Ireland come unglued by playing while Tulsa pitchers where delivering the ball, but other than that, no thanks.
Dont put the Travs in playoffs yet. A few second half promotions here and there and the team is dismantled. After all, they are only playing for a stupid ass Texas League championship.
Drunk broadcasters...right or wrong, it was very entertaining to listen to Harry Carey try to pronounce player names backwards after a few Buds.
Cobra thank you for that info, I have mentioned to Pete about the possibility of opening earlier. I MISS BP!! BTW Pete said maybe that opening time could change but Im sure that was said just to pacify me for a moment.
Regardless the outcome of the game, Kenny Rogers the person has proven himself a thug over time. In the ESPN interview he may as well have been Slick Willy staring in the camera saying he did not have sex with that woman, Ms. Lewinsky.
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2006 on Kenny Rogers is a lying cheater at Travelerocity
Hey I'm the first to post anything since the game is over today....What do I win?
Has anyone else heard that there will be an appoximately 15 ft. drop from the first row of seats down to the field at the new DSP? That right there is fan/player separation. Karch, you will need a fishing net with an extend-a-pole attachment if thats true. That is one quick way to rid a ball park of intimacy. Bill, Phil or someone tell me this isnt so.
1. Alfreda Wilson who could actually play an organ. (note to frisbie) Dude, turn the sheet music right side up!!! 2. Hookslide, worth the price of admission on his own. 3. Bill Powell calling bingo. He was less than kind to the idiots who couldn't remember to clear their cards for a new game. 4. John Mabry, the nicest Trav I ever spoke with. I still have his jersey he wore that year. 5. Last, but not least. You will never reproduce the laid back feeling at the new park. I don't think I will feel like I am at a special place at the new park. Rather I anticipate the feeling of being at a stadium that has been copied from another town. Perhaps like the "cookie cutter" stadiums built in the 60's and 70's. I hope I'm wrong on that though. I hope I can find something in the new stadium that will make it unique. Sleep well old friend. At least til the elephants come.
Quite a bean ball war in Arlington involving the Angels...not sure who won.
Sorry, I just had a moment down memory lane.
Where have you gone Hookslide Bradshaw? Will anyone ever replace you?
Maybe a tradition can be started next season. We get the Travs to play one game a year at RWF - the way Birmingham plays at Rickwood ( i think thats right, which i also think is the oldest park to exist ) - and wear some throw back uniforms for the game.
Bacon played with Steve Shell on this years Travs. Shell played wtih Howie Kendrick on this years Bees. Kendrick played with Orlando Cabrera on this years Angels. Cabrera played with Ortiz before being traded to the Angels.
Toggle Commented Aug 8, 2006 on Play Six Degrees of Dwaine Bacon at Travelerocity
Man I'm gonna go out there and spend more money buying programs than any one of those cars are worth.
I doubt Brandon Wood even knows this site exists. His time here in LR is short and I want to thank him for being fan friendly and not stuck up during his time here. He has always been courteous and polite to autograph requests and people who just want to say hi to him. Players of his caliber are not always that way. Witness Alex Gordon and that Sweeney guy that brought his big league ego to a minor league town. Thanks again Brandon!!!!
off the subject..i dont remember a travs team whose starting pitching you could count on to go out and get shelled every night like this team...or a bull pen to come in and have the pounding continue.
I say play sponge head square bob at the top of every inning...and lose the organ...sometimes its just annoying
Does anyone who was at last nights game know why the Travs weren't allowed to make that pitching change when T-Bone went to pull Green?
Would the ball players who are only gonna be here a summer or two really care about a rivalry from NWA??If so the atmosphere in the CALIF league with Inland Empire, Rancho, High Desert, Lake Elsinore must be very intense considering how close they all are.
Let me see...the last time I listened to drive time sports was uh....What channel is that on again??
Had occasion to go to Cedar Rapids about 3 weeks ago and saw a couple of games. SP Robert Mosabach and Tommy Mendoza both looked good. But they won't be here to help us salvage this season. The bad news about CR was that they ( like the Travs) had no bull pen either.
Toggle Commented Jun 23, 2006 on Adenhart named Futures All-Star at Travelerocity
Has the farm system dried up?