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OK, I've listened to Levar about 8 times now, and I *still* cannot hear what he's saying that was so funny. -_- Otherwise, so sweet!
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At the risk of double-posting (I don't see that my original comment has shown up)... I own neither Kindle nor Nook, but my iPad is constantly asking me for my password every time I do anything - do eReaders allow you to buy without passwords?
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You must play SPANC. :D It's quick and dirty (and dirty!), and loads of fun! We just had 16 people over for St. Pat's and it was games and games and more games til about 3am. x_x Also some Super Mario Bros on the 8ft projection screen, which is also fun.
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An idea that just. Might. Work.
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Thoroughly off-topic: omg HI, it's Amanda, how have you & T been? Last time I saw you two was at the Crystal Method concert down in Mpls umpteen years ago. :) Thoroughly on-topic: card thing ace-high jiggyflop lolwut. o_O
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OEJ: Hey, I'm actually coming -back- to WoW when Pandaria comes out. ;) I've been crazy excited ever since I heard about it! (And hopefully Emerald Dream afterwards? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease, Blizz?)
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Word on this. My mom has always joked that my dad married her just to be able to hang out with my brother more. I was in my 20s before I even knew he was technically my step-brother! There's a great picture of him at 6 years old looking so forlorn as they drive away for their honeymoon - he thought he would get to go too! :) And your step-dad sounds like a d-bag. :(
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Aug 24, 2011