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I infinitely preferred Newsgator as it was to Google Reader. Thanks for a lot for abandoning me. I also can't get your stupid export procedure to work.
Actually, there were a number of recreational choices a hundred years ago, Wil. The nickelodeon was already around in Pittsburgh and a few other cities, so you could go to a cheap movie. You could play the piano or mess around with your player piano if you didn't have a lot of talent. You could listen to the gramophone. There was choir practice. There were amateur theatricals, dancing, and groups of young people who did gymnastics. I've read old newspaper articles complaining about how much time young people spent on these things, instead of on chores, paid work or godly pursuits. How about gardening, walking, riding, cycling, skating, rollerskating, marbles, jacks, or even card and board games? Then there's woodworking, knitting, and all sorts of crafts. There were crazes and fashions in beadwork and whatnot. They show up in the women's magazines of the time. Oh, yeah. What about magazines and newspapers? Do you think that these things aren't amusing, or that they didn't come along until just the last few years?
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