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Watching a story on BS7 (I moved to Kagoshima Japan this year) about a Japanese woman living with ALS. Her first name is Maria, but I didn't catch her last name. She was married to an American, and used to live in Trump Towers in NYC. It's an interesting portrait of living with ALS. Your friend's story has also inspired me, to someday soon, make the trip to Mt. Fuji, and climb it. Like my father before me, I want to take a picture at the top, like he did. It was his pictures of 1955 Ginza you posted about a few years ago.
I moved to Kagoshima in February, and the scenes at the beginning take place in Kagoshima-Chuo Station. Last weekend, my wife and I took the Sakura Shinkansen from Kagoshima to Hakata Station in Fukuoka, and I recognized many of the places that were featured in the ad. She told me that before the full test run of the Shinkansen (which was the run during which this commercial was filmed), JR had announced that they would be filming this CM and that if people wanted to be seen, this was the day they would be doing it and which side of the Shinkansen they would be looking. They talked about this CM last night on one of the many Japanese talk shows. It's becoming a phenomena here, too.
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May 7, 2011