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Dalee Camp
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Perhaps it’s more that you like the idea of having a steady relationship but the reality is that other people can be just plain annoying and inconvenient. Sure it’s great to have a guaranteed sex partner, but that also means that you’d have to move the scattering of books from the other side of the bed or clean up the cat puke right away instead of waiting for the dog to eat it and so forth. Truth is, we start looking at our own little pesky nuances when faced with letting someone fully into our lives and psyche. Though there are appealing aspects to someone riding shotgun with you through life, you have to give many allowances when they try to critique your driving or want to babble endlessly while they litter your life with their own little pesky nuances.
Toggle Commented Jan 19, 2010 on Diary of a Single Dad at MetroDad
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Jan 19, 2010