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Dale Hyde
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I believe the forecasts by ABC13 are the best in the area. I have lived in Houston for many years, and it is the only local forecast I keep up with, and the majority of the time it is very accurate. As for Lee out there in the Gulf. There certainly is a huge amount of moisture going on with this system. The models seem to bring it closer to Houston, possibly, before it heads more north-north east. It also looks like it will be hanging around for the whole Labor Day weekend. It is not far from Houston and I feel that even here in Southwest Houston, we are going to get some rain out of this before it leaves the Gulf. Thanks again for the excellent work and time spent on tweaking the forecasts!
Most true, Tim. We certainly do monitor all activity in association with any storms! I like the blog, by the way. I just stumbled across it yesterday and this was the only place that was showing something about the models and what they were predicting for this current area of investigation. No other site that I could find, including our hurricane page here, showed anything about the tracking models in association with this invest. Keep up the excellent work!
Well, I certainly hope that we do get some much needed rain from this system. As the recent news has reflected, our city infrastructure is falling apart due to the heat and lack of rain. For the earlier predictions of a more active than normal hurricane season, it appears that they were rather wrong! Only two hurricanes so far, including the recent one just upgraded. RESPONSE from TIM HELLER: Hurricane season doesn't end until November 30.
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Aug 31, 2011