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lol, every week we get you pushing your anti-gun agenda in a new state. What you are missing is that a high percentage of the gun grabbers wont bother voting, while those of us supporting RKBA will walk over ten miles of broken glass to punish anyone trying to infringe those rights. Do you really think Congress is too dumb to figure that out? You may or may not agree with them but they are not going to be persuaded by your silly attempts to concern troll them.
@PW I do not doubt your sincerity, intellect, or concern but you seem to advocate doing nothing until all the ills of society are somehow cured. Why not consider immediate and easily achieved alternatives that might improve the odds for our children in schools? There is no ideal solution that would work 100%, but if deterrence plus a hard counter to an ongoing attack worked even a fraction of the time that would be an improvement.
If concealed carry were permitted in schools, the criminal (insane or not) would not know who was armed, only that it would be likely that some adults were. This in itself would provide a deterrent as well as a potential stopper to any violence. There is no need for absurdity -- "walk around with the assault weapon in her hands at all times". This is deadly serious business and permitting concealed carry by qualified adults deserves consideration. Having a law making it illegal for adults to carry on school grounds is utterly ineffective. How many times does that have to be proven before such laws are repealed?
Whatever his party, it's good to see that somebody is making sense. It's long past time we stopped advertising schools as places where only criminals have guns. Hopefully this great tragedy will result in a common sense end to banning concealed carry for law abiding adults at schools. The current policies leave our children defenseless.
No left handed monkey wrenches, no smoke shifters, no brass magnets (unless colored green), and strict quotas on board stretchers. No doubt the Iranians will be left reeling under this powerful display of "Smart Diplomacy"
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2010 on The U.N. Gets Firm at BlackFive
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Jun 9, 2010