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At this point, I don't read a whole lot from either company. I'll read just about anything by Gail Simone, and have a few titles I like to follow, but that's been a shrinking list of late. (Batgirl is on it. I'm blanking about what else, though.) Generally, I avoid anything that gets to crossover or event heavy. I like my superhero books to be relatively self-contained. Invariably for Marvel, I'm going to avoid anything involving the Avengers (due to Disassembled and Civil War), the X-Men (due to House of M and well, most things done after Grant Morrison left), and Spider-Man (due to One More Day). I've had many people tell me that Marvel's work is great, but those stories were so terrible, it leaves this bad taste in my mouth when I think about it. I do like the Marvel Cosmic line, generally, although it started off great with Annihilation and has trended downward slightly since, so it's merely pretty good, now. Not that DC has been much better in story quality for their events. I suppose it's just a difference between bad stories I was able to enjoy versus bad stories which I didn't. In the latter case, I find myself unwilling to forgive. However, most of my reading probably ends up being indie and creator-oriented stuff, now. There's a lot of good books completely outside the Big Two.
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Feb 4, 2010