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This article is referenced in the following article I just wrote below, Please read and propagate! Is America Really Under Attack From Conservative Right-Wing Terrorist Who Want Civil War? by Damon Whitsell SNIPIT "Actually no. But yesterday I became highly concerned that the opposite is probably true and I expect there will be mass riots, at the least, if Obama does not win re-election." ***An article series on "dominionism" is forthcoming in about a week.*** See why I think that,, and tell us what you think!!! BTW,, this article is loaded with must see hotlinks.
I have the full 19 minute speech here. Along with commentary from myself and Walid Shoebat. Some of the more disconcerting contents of the full video. Rep. Andre Carson (D-IN), the Muslim Congressman says American Schools should use the Koran as their “Foundation” (6:30) and Muslims should “groom” America’s future leaders and presidents. And Allah won’t let you stop them! Here are some more unsettling things that where said…… 7:30 “American must understand that she needs Muslims. There are over 7 million Muslims in this country.” 8:07 “I say to those who are here under cover … Allah will not allow you to stop us.” 9 “There are only two Muslims in Congress and we want more; and we have to have more.” 12:45 “Our very lifestyle, the way we live, the way that is prescribed for us in the Koran is a form of Dawah if we live it each and every day.” 13:20 “We strengthen our families by accepting all that is great about our religion … by developing the next city councilor.” 14:05 “We have to registered to vote.” 14:35 “We must begin to groom the mayor of Hartford Connecticut. We have to groom the next city councilor, the next governor, the future President; the first Muslim President.” 18:25 “It’s time for us to create the next generation of leaders.”
WELL SHIVER ME TIMBERS!!! I was just emoting about this! But this is a separate incident and arrest still need to be be made on the other where this group was assaulted and battered by Muslim masses. STAND UP AMERICA!!! Please take about one minute to send a pre-formed email to Dearborne officials here. Or use the following contact info to demand that the Constitution remain the ONLY law of the land in America and that it be enforced. Kym L. Worthy Wayne County Prosecutor (313) 224 - 5777 Governor Rick Snyder P.O. Box 30013 Lansing, Michigan 48909 PHONE: (517) 373-3400 PHONE: (517) 335-7858 - Constituent Services FAX:(517) 335-6863 Attorney General Bill Schuette G. Mennen Williams Building, 7th Floor 525 W. Ottawa St. P.O. Box 30212 Lansing, MI 48909 Main Number (517) 373-1110 Facsimile (517) 373-3042 MUSLIMS CAN FACE THE EAST WHEN THEY PRAY, BUT IN THE WEST THEY HAVE TO FOLLOW THE LAW - like everyone else!!!
Sorry Fern, I thought all the readers here knew the conference was to be shown live at Here is the youtube (just uploaded)
GREAT JOB!!! I watched on ABN and it was all great. THANKS SO MUCH, EVERYONE!
***@ alyn21 "you do not look to the other major religions to see that they're very very similar in terms of how they started"*** LOL, You Sir, are just ignorant as all get out. To quote Blaise Pascal,,, "Mahomet established a religion by putting his enemies to death; Jesus Christ by commanding his followers to lay down their lives." Rome persecuted the Christians. 11 of 12 of Jesus's disciples where put to death for the message they gave the world. The message of grace and forgiveness of sins by Jesus's death, flourished anyway. Rome then adopted Christianity as the religion of the state. ISLAM, on the other hand was spread by the Sword and Subjugation. Within 60 years after Muhammad's death, Islam conquered the Persian Empire, most of the Byzantine Empire and foreign lands from Spain in the West to India in the East. Within 100 years of it's birth, Islam conquered almost 2/3rds the known world. Are you going to sit there and claim that Islam gained all them territories and lands ,,, as a defensive measure because they where being persecuted?
Here is a video of the socialist idiots protesting outside the event. FROM THE VIDEO DESCRIPTION: "On April 23rd Temple University Students for Intellectual Freedom hosted a gathering of racist, Islamophobic bigots. The event was titled the "Islamic Apartheid Conference" and featured Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer, among others. Occupy Temple, the International Socialist Organization, Students for Justice in Palestine, the Party for Socialism and Liberation, Occupy Philadelphia and other community and student organizations held a protest to condemn their outrageous hate speech. In the wake of the recent hate crime/murder of Shaima Alawadi (32 year-old Iraqi-Muslim, and mother of 5 children), the wrongful imprisonment of Tarek Mehanna, the murder of Trayvon Martin, and the constant demonization, criminalization, and crimes against Black, Latino, and other oppressed communities throughout the country, among unending wars against Arab and Muslim countries, we must organize a multi-racial fightback against these racist hatemongers."
PLEASE DON'T STOP SPEAKING AT COLLEGE CAMPUSES!!! PLEASE SPEAK AT THEM EVERY CHANCE YOU GET!!! Videos like this are the only way to expose what we are really up against. I started studying Islam because of the way Muslims reacted to Terry Jones Burn a Koran Day, and I also started speaking out against it. But I found out that while Islam and Sharia are the most immediate dangers, the "socialist" that oppose events like this and enable the Islamist,, are the real danger. If Islam we to disintegrate on itself and cease to exist,, these people would find another totalitarian ideology to push,, along side of theirs. THANK YOU PAM, ROBERT, NONIE, SIMON AND ALL OTHERS WHO SPEAK OUT!!!
Here is a post with all 4 speeches,the Q&A session and video of the protest outside Temple University 2012 ISLAMIC APARTHEID CONFERENCE at Temple University: Muslims and Socialist try to shut down Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Nonie Darwish and Simon Deng
THANKS FOR THE VIDEO PAM. Too bad it looks like Bell is bolting on counter-Jihading. TOO BAD! I guess his kids and grand-kids will despise the day he sold them out. ------------------- “One day, we ‘Islamophobes’ will be deemed the voice of reason” Eric Allen Bell Eric Allen Bell’s story is very interesting. A liberal and one time contributor to the huge liberal website (The Daily Kos) he used to write Pro-Islam articles for the TDK and other liberal sites, that is until he went to the Middle East to do some research for a film. Then he changed his mind about Islam, wrote 3 articles critical of Islam at TDK and was let go and banned from the site. Just months later Eric is here debating an Islamic Scholar (albeit the most inept Islamic Polemicist out there) and he does a great job. This debate was a real circus before it was cleaned up by Bell. The debate happened on Jamie Glazov’s blogtalk radio show and Robert Spencer showed up. Spencer was a major distraction and Glazov could not stay out of the debate and it seemed Bell hardly got a word in edge-wise,, but after editing – it is definitely worth the time to listen to. CHECK IT OUT! SEE VID AT LINK
I almost hate to sound mean but is that girl mildly retarted from that Islamic "it is OK to marry your cousin" thing?
*******BREAKING NEWS******* All-American Muslim Imam (Husham Al- Husainy) was on Sean Hannity's radio show in 2007 saying U.S.A. an "oppressor nation" and will not condemn Hezbola and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Part 1 of the video is here. Part 2 of the video is here.
HI Guys and Gals,,, please write some letters and make some phone calls. Jones needs our support and Wayne County Prosecutors need to know your objections. Here are the ones I sent. My Letter to Pastor Terry Jones by Damon Whitsell My letter to Kym L. Worthy and the Wayne County Prosecutors Office about Terry Jones in Dearborn by Damon Whitsell The URL's and #'s are on my post. THANKS YA'LL FOR TAKING A STAND!!!
36 PART VIDEO SERIES: The Complete Congressional Hearing On Radicalization Of Islam DAY 1
34 PART VIDEO SERIES: The Complete Congressional Hearing On Radicalization Of Islam DAY 1
34 PART VIDEO SERIES: The Complete Congressional Hearing On Radicalization Of Islam DAY 1
Toggle Commented Mar 11, 2011 on Melvin Bledsoe's Opening Statement at Atlas Shrugs
34 PART VIDEO SERIES: The Complete Congressional Hearing On Radicalization Of Islam DAY 1
34 PART VIDEO SERIES: The Complete Congressional Hearing On Radicalization Of Islam DAY 1
TY Telly, I agree, I read where Muhammad said that women are essentially a curse to men and hell will be mostly populated with woman,,the PC narrative is just SSOO FAR OFF, it is amazing. I have come to believe that the liberals are the real enemy, Islam could have a revolution and become "moderate" (not a chance, I know) and the lefties would find a new tool to bring about the one world order they desire. If every Muslim became Christian tomorrow, they'd be trying to resurrect a Stalin, Hitler or Mussolini from the dead. I'm staring to believe that not only is leftism a religion, but one inspired and driven by demons.
Please excuse my ignorance because I need to understand something. When a women has her clitoris removed, she is not likely to have orgasms, right? And this would also decrease her sexual drive also,, right? So in essence forced clitorectomy/female circumcision is really a way to make Muslim men secure that their wives will not cheat on them, while treating them as they wish, and insures that only the men will enjoy the pleasures of sex,,,right? THANKS for any responses damon
Hi Pamela, I have only been following your blog for a few months and this is the best of you I have seen yet. This interview, and you, are amazing. I got into the fight a few months back and have been working myself dizzy, but damn girl,, with you on our side, I can afford to take a small break to refresh myself, THANK YOU, damon
Here is a FoxNews video on this exact subject
If anyone is interested I have two news report videos on this current even here VIDEOS: The Religion of Peace’s Christmas Present to the American People – a Terrorist Bomb in Portland
Some additional videos from David Horowitz’s Restoration Weekend 2010 AMERICA’S NEXT BIG BATTLE: Terrorist, Illegal Immigration and Securing Our Borders Karen Lugo, John Yoo, Marc Thiessen and Andrew McCarthy on Terrorism and Our Courts
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2010 on Warriors at Restoration at Atlas Shrugs
Everyone in the UK, and all western democracies, should be listening and supporting If you have not heard about the Aramaic Broadcasting Network (ABN) at, you really should check them out! They are simply the best Counter-Jihad and Islam Exposure Ministry or Organization out there!!! ABN is a TV/Media ministry that reaches around the globe through a satellite channel and 9 online video streams (1 is 24/7 live) showing ABN exclusively produced material that will knock your socks off and could play a major roll in saving the West, through educating the masses, from the encroaching dangers of Islam. Live call in English shows are Jesus or Muhammad, Jihad Exposed, News and Views, Answering Islam and others. Other shows will be added after the new channel launches. Best of all ABN simply has the best Christian apologists that debate Muslim apologist, special guest and callers. ABN is the only media outlet there is that is telling the full truth about Islam and has the potential to really reach the masses. SO CHECK OUT AND SUPPORT ABN AND SAVE THE FREE WORLD from Islamification. SEE MY FULL WRITE UP ON ABN HERE