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Jeff> what do you suggest is the best way to teach people basic digital literacy if not through code? I imagine that we differ on what basic digital literacy actually means...for me, it's e ability to understand how a problem can be abstracted and broken down into something solvable by, say, a for loop. Ive worked with a lot with otherwise very smart and digitally literate (they know how to use Twitter, Excel, even Access) but they still don't grasp why it's important, for example, to not mix "true", TRUE, and "Yes (see note)" in a column in a spreadsheet meant for programmatic parsing. I don't think this requires knowing how to use gcc or memorizing the classic design patterns, but I'm at a loss to understand why logical job professions can't understand these concepts. The result is that as programmers, we spend a lot of time writing code to compensate for fuzziness...which is a headache for the client and future programmers to maintain. Maybe there's a way to improve data literacy without programming, just like there's a way to teach word processing without the actual use of a computer...but successes have been few. I wrote a response to your original essay, demonstrating the use of simple code to simplify a common problem in fashion photography (for smaller operators), Others in more data-dependent fields can obviously think of more...I think you vastly underestimate the digital ignorance of non-coders
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May 25, 2012