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I agree with the first tweet above. I do think, however, it's easy to play victim when you fail. All teams have had their share of bad ref-ing. I doubt there is a conspiracy against Portland.
"in addition to suffering memory loss and cognitive damage." Eh, don't worry about it. He'll forget he has a lawsuit going in a couple days...
Good question... I'm wondering why it seems over half the Sounders' team (in rotation) is always injured? It'd be a lot easier to compete with the top when your players aren't always sidelined.
Toggle Commented Jun 13, 2012 on Sounders' Estrada breaks foot at Soccer By Ives
@ciscokid agreed. I'm the first to give Boss redicule because I don't see how he's ever going to replace Keller but he had a stand-out performance with a couple great saves. If only he didn't try to dribble around the attacking player at that one point, there wouldn't have been a lot to complain about. Boss also is very good at communicating with the defense. I hope he either improves or Seattle gets a new guy for Keller.
Wasn't the cross on the first goal from Evra? Also... the first half was a good reflection of the skill of our team. Had Man U been full starters... I don't know that the score would have been all that different as the only goal was a very pin-point accurate shot and Seattle had a lot of good possession. We actually looked like the better team first half and it felt unfortunate we were down a goal. Then the reserves came in... and then the reserves, reserves. If we had half the budget of Man U, we could have had some depth as well.
Total Agreement. He was totally snubbed all the way. There is not a better holding midfielder in MLS.
So true. I think Seattle has enjoyed scoring goals on itself a bit this year...
One thing I'll never understand fully about Alonso is that he is ALWAYS punished for not playing perfectly. It's rare that he makes a mistake and the other team doesn't put the ball in the net. He typically plays a nearly flawless game. I felt he did VERY well in the game against Vancouver... just his two mistakes cost the team dearly. Also, am I the only one that thinks Hassli's goal was more luck than skill? Seriously. The top strikers in the world don't attempt that kind of shot because they know there is more luck than skill to it. Yes, it was amazing, but I seriously doubt Hassli could repeat that shot 1 out of 50 tries.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2011 on SBI MLS Best XI: Week 13 at Soccer By Ives
My wife and I had to rewind and re-watch it because I was so sure he used the shoulders of the guy to get up... he didn't. His shins were at the same level as the head of the defender in front of him. Michael Jordan style jumping! As a Seattle fan, that was an embarrassing game as I felt our guys played fairly poorly on the attack. Our defense was pretty good and that same defense came through on the attack at the end. Happy with the outcome no matter how ugly it really was.
I have to say... Barca is a much classier team than Real Madrid. That said, the officiating did seem really one-sided in both legs of the semi's. Madrid's problem is how they react to it - it takes them further out than if they had kept their cool (eg. Mourinho getting kicked out of round 1 over pepe's red card and having to sit out during round 2). Did Barca deserve to win? Yes imo. Should they have won that comfortably? I don't really think so.
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May 4, 2011