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Michele, You make very valid points regarding turf management. And there still are turf managers who abuse modern practices of environmental responsibility. But how are we to eliminate the world's large turf areas? Golf courses, parks, etc. are not going away in the near future. Though I used to be branded an "organic fanatic", I somehow found myself as a golf course superintendent in the late 80's and early 90's. My goal in the position was to bring environmental responsibility to turf management. It worked to a large degree. And it will work for many others who take the time and effort to learn. You can read more about these experiments at the URL below. The biggest challenge to change in the management of large turf areas is changing the public's perception of quality. Turf does not have to be an over-watered monoculture...a few weeds and a few seasonal dry spots must be tolerated (see European golf courses). This article details how I transformed a toxic golf course to a much more natural state:
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Jan 9, 2011