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I think the camera manufacturers do themselves a disservice when they name a camera "Mark II" because it loudly repudiates the Mark I version of the camera. By the same token, you'd be hard pressed to convince anyone of the sanity of incrementally upgrading any of these cameras from model to model. I want to try micro 4/3 and grabbed a refurb'd E-PM2 from Olympus and have been happily using it with the Olympus 17mm f1.8. I want newer features, but I am pretty happy with my super control panel and touch screen focus which works for most shots. I think it is too easy to get caught up in upgraded features sets when most cameras are good enough. Save the money for new glass. Mike, I think you wrote an article once about never getting rid of lenses.
I don't think the comments do much to change your original point. I primarily shoot film and until a couple years ago, mostly shot an Olympus OM-1. I bought a Leica M4-P and wanted to love it, but found that the multiple sets of framelines in the viewfinder were a bit much. I sold that and picked up the dream camera (my dream), a Leica M2 and I really do love it. I was told early on to embrace the fact that you aren't quite framing what will be on the film when you develop it. I have come to see that as a check mark in the plus column. I do wish there weren't so many people adapting Leica lenses to digital cameras - the prices might fall a bit.
Another vote for black. I bought my first black OM-1n in 1979 (I say first, because I just picked up another one a couple weeks ago) because my father suggested that the extra $40 (a lot of money for HS student in 1979) was worth it because it looked "smarter" (his word) and more professional. Over the years it has taken on a nice patina with the brassing those old black cameras get. Guessing the OM-D won't brass, but that's ok.
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I just tore open the box of my recently overhauled Olympus OM-1n that I bought new in 1979 and have shot more or less continuously since then. I had the battery changed to something current and legal. I love that match needle meter. Still shooting an OM-2n, Trip 35 and some others. Starting to think I need a TLR in my life, thank you Vivian.
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Jan 15, 2011