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Daniel Betancourt
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I love the Dolphins, I bleed teal and orange. But I have made the very personal and difficult decision to boycott the Dolphins 2012-2013 season. Mr. Ross will not learn his lesson until the people of South Florida hit him where it hurts. Worst case he sees the error of his ways. Best case he fires Ireland and then sells the team to someone who is as passionate about the team as we are. I have started a facebook group for all those who want to join in boycotting the season. No games on TV, no merchandise, no going to games, no visiting the Dolphins website. Just search for "Boycott the Miami Dolphins 2012 Season" and join. I will still follow my team, and will still cheer them on. But I will not do so in a manner that sends one red cent to Mr. Ross and his lackey GM.
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Mar 19, 2012