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I respectfully disagree, Jeff, for one very important reason: interface. Although a tablet is a 'natural-feeling' interface, it's not an optimized one. It's neat to be able to swipe your fingers and make things happen, but that's nowhere near as efficient or precise as a mouse and keyboard. Mice and keyboards, with their multiple buttons, make (near) full use of the 'bandwidth', if you will, available through the fingers. The tactile feedback mechanism, absent on tablets, allows a decoupling of input and output. Tablets are interesting and useful in many situations, but I find that I can't stomach the accompanying reduction in power of the interface. In many ways, that link is the slowest one in the chain now that computer hardware has basically exceeded all other needs. (Try playing an FPS for an hour on a tablet and tell me it's not worse than a mouse and keyboard!)
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Oct 1, 2012