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Daniele Mazzini
Rome, Italy
Software architect, project manager
Interests: Ruby on Rails, javascript, SEO, everything else
Recent Activity
+1 to personal website blacklists: I've felt a need for them for years. If I take the time to click a link, and understand that a website is somewhere I never wish to come again, I would like to be able to leverage that investment. +1 also to being able to "follow" other people's blacklists. It would be very dangerous, though, to make the stats about following public: it would probably create a gravity effect towards the most followed blacklisters, who could then become too powerful - and be tempted to monetize that power, as it happens on many social networks. This should be of interest to Google - it would also allow them to have better social graph data. If enough "trust communities" will grow, this should also lower the incentive to game the system, making SEO-only websites less lucrative. Talking about the scrappers, there are two very different situations here. The first one is where the content is Creative Common (or similar) and legitimately reproduced. In this case, there is no reason why Google should automatically give the first publisher a better ranking: if some of the scrappers published it in a "better" (whatever the metrics) way for the searcher, why shouldn't it get a higher placement? It would be very nice, though, if Google aggregated the similar pages, like it does in news: it is very annoying when you click several copycat links in a search. The other case is when someone steals the copyrighted content. This should definitely be penalized, and in theory it should be the law to do so. Considering the reality of things, though, it would also be very much in the interest of Google to help the original content producers protect themselves - giving them an incentive to produce even more good content. Considering how fast, and how often they crawl the web, Google could very often find who really published first, and if there were a meta tag about the copyright and license, it could at least warn the original publisher, if not find a way to penalize the stealer.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2011 on Trouble In the House of Google at Coding Horror
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Jan 4, 2011