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The keyboard I have had now for a couple of years is a Noppoo Choc Mini, here are images of it: It's a full size, tenkeyless keyboard with a very compact design, very much like the size of a laptop keyboard (but of course with mechanical keys). I really like its compact design and how close I can have the mouse to the keyboard and its home row. There is a tenkeyless version of the CODE keyboard, but I'm afraid that it still would feel too large when I have used my compact Noppoo Choc Mini for so long. It would be great with if there was an even more compact version of the CODE keyboard. On another note, the shipping is ridiculous. It's $ 48 to Sweden, and with taxes the total price for the keyboard including shipping would be around $ 250. I'm not eager to pay that, considering that my current keyboard cost about $ 100.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2013 on The CODE Keyboard at Coding Horror
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Aug 27, 2013